Color Me Rad everywhere

Color 5k events are gaining momentum and have eclipsed mud runs and other alternative running events in popularity. Color Me Rad is one of the big series along those lines and here are some impressions from events that often get 10,000 plus starters and attracts around 60% first time 5k participants. It also has been reported that women 18-40 make up the majority of the starters. Speed however is not what matters, it is all about joy and the party after. Our man Jordan Rapp recently got sponsored by this series and so we took a closer look.

What is your favorite color and how colorful are you willing to get?

Lining up in throngs but starters leave in different start groups.

A bit of orange cornstarch to get the party started at the beginning of this Color Me Rad 5k.

Families seem to really enjoy these color runs and without stressing about finish times they can all travel together.

The excitement is clearly building.

Tutus are popular and so is wearing the official white based race shirt.

A full dose of pink cornstarch for this runner.

Not everyone is running. There is time for pics, bathrooms and rolling in the color on the ground.

No matter where you look you will find happy faces.

Coming through the orange zone.

Oh yes, give me some color. Give me orange.

Green, blue and happy.

The volunteers with the color are clearly enthusiastic too.

Innocent bystanders typically don't look like this, but it is tough to hang out close completely unscathed.

Entertainers for the masses after the event and the big post run party.

More color for those who are still too clean.

Oh yes, that hit the spot.

Thank you, that was great and I don't mind my Beats by Dr Dre to be more colorful.

More color and more happy faces.

Posing for pics after the run is obligatory and happens really all day.