Delzer Sets Guinness World Record

A packed house at Luke's Locker in The Woodlands, Texas rooted for ultra runner Ronnie Delzer who set a Guinness World Record running 89.38-miles in 12-hours on a treadmill.

Luke's Locker provided the venue for the record run. Delzer put the store's Gait Lab room to work on Sunday.

The room was equipped with two Lifetime Fitness treadmills donated by a local sponsor and AC filters blasting out cold air in front and behind the runner to keep him cool.

Delzer's view from inside the fishbowl.

There were customers and spectators who took interest in Delzer's efforts throughout the day. This board helped explain his mission and was updated each hour with his mileage, pace, etc.

Delzer is popular in the local endurance community and many came out to help celebrate his achievement.

After 12-hours of running, with the record in hand, Delzer finally let himself stop.

TJ Fry from South Coast Endurance, and a longtime Slowtwitcher, did his part to help Delzer celebrate.

While Delzer did all the running, Kyle Rodemacher and Maria Bergh did most of the heavy lifting behind the scenes with securing partners, promoting the run and ensuring it met all of the Guinness World Record requirements.

Delzer adds Guinness World Record Holder to his running resume.

Photos: Steve Hardy