Images from AeroCamp 2.0

The AeroCamp 2.0 is currently taking place in Mooresville, NC at the A2 Wind Tunnel and we visited this event during the first day. Each day 4 campers were scheduled for 2 hours blocks and it really depended on the athlete what they wanted to test. Heath Dotson and Brian Stover, the men behind AeroCamp, were there to lend a hand and give input, plus the crew of the A2 Wind Tunnel was helpful to the campers.

Heath Dotson grabbed the only open spot on Thursday morning to validate some results he had seen in the Velodrome.

Dotson knew what he wanted and needed and he was mostly interested in clothing today.

Once he removed his bike from the wind tunnel we noticed the crafty work that on the tail of this integrated cockpit. Dotson got it actually via slowtwitch from another forum member who had modified it because he needed space for the cables to enter the port.

A2 Wind Tunnel manager David Salazar explains to Maggs Morris how the tests are run and what she can expect.

Maggs Morris lived for a while in Hawaii, but she now calls Asheville, NC home. Here she is now getting ready for some base tests.

Hard at work on the front end of the Project One Trek Speed Concept of Maggs Morris.

Morris rides with her toes pointed down and that gives the impression that her seat is too high.

Lots of hands on action at the A2 Wind Tunnel today.

Maggs Morris truly tried every helmet that remotely made sense but in her case the LG Vortice, which she already owned, made the most sense. Morris in fact walked away that here setup she started with was actually on the money.

A quick outing for lunch allowed Maggs Morris for some quality time with her dog Moose. The larger car specific Aerodyn wind tunnel is in the background.

Aussie Pro John Polson is getting ready for his ride in the wind tunnel.

Final instructions for Polson by David Salazar in a full house. Among the onlookers here is Bob Parlee who had traveled South to check out the action at A2.

Early runs were done with slight position tweaks. Mostly in the handlebar area.

The control room at A2 was very busy as folks wanted to see and discuss the data. Theoretically though there are other screens in this room where people can follow the action in the tunnel.

When it was all said and done Polson had moved from a 10 degree rise to about 20. But several different setups were tested.

The sleeveless suit of Scody tested surprisingly well, but it is a very nice fit on Polson.

John Polson tested a variety of Scody suits and helmets.

Brian Stover who is one of the men behind AeroCamp discusses some details with John Polson as they both look at the display screen on the floor.

The POC helmet was given a go too and it worked out very well for Polson. Polson however found the visor to be a bit irritating.

The POC helmet did however match his whole theme very well.

Heath Dotson and Brian Stover go over the helmet results for Polson, and for him it will surely be the new LG P-09.

Between helmet and position changes Polson saved about 10 watts.

Time now to switch the pegs that hold the bike in the wind tunnel to the final bike of the day.

Age grouper and ST forum member Jamie Gambrell came to the camp from South Carolina. It turned out that he had the most to gain and some of the results were surprising.

It will be either the LG P-09 or the Kask Bambino for him, with a very slight edge to the Kask in his case. With a new helmet and hand position Jamie Gambrell gained about 10 watts at 0 and yaw and he was not done yet.

The Cuore cycling jersey that fit him perfectly well with no wrinkles on the shoulder netted him another 10 watts at 0 and yaw.

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