Images from the Arctic Triple - Lofoten Triathlon

The Extreme edition of the Lofoten Triathlon takes place north of the arctic circle in the land of the midnight sun and the northern lights. There was also an Olympic distance offering the same weekend that attracted about 100 starters but we focused here on the 4km swim, 196km bike and 45km Extreme edition and we got images.

A truly beautiful part of this world that tested the will and strength of many athletes.

An early start and the 40 or so athletes were quickly spread out.

Solid ground under the feet feels very good after 4km in cold arctic water.

Beautiful weather greeted the athletes on the bike course and Morten Bie seemed to embrace it.

Full focus on the face of Norwegian Sondra Runar Kjaer with a lot of bike riding still ahead. His overall time 16:01:59

Beam me there already Scotty, and post haste please.

Roger Hallstensen paid no attention to the media - as that was greatly appreciated. For Hallstensen this was a 16 hour 50 minute and 25 second day.

With only about 40 athletes on course and no vehicular traffic in sight you are truly alone with your thoughts and nature.

Stay aero all the time, even when no one seems to be watching.

Ronnie Maas Pedersen on the way to 17th place in 16:48:53.

Digging deep or stretching the back?

The nature here is spectacular.

Thankfully only 45km of running left after completing this 196km bike segment.

If it were easy everyone would be doing it, but it surely isn't easy.

You got to be kidding me, I thought the top was a lot closer.

Sondre Runar Kjaer is approaching the end of a very long but very fulfilling day.

Race winner Allan Hovda completely spent on the ground after finishing the race in 12:03:19.

All images © Kai-Otto Melau / The Arctic Triple