Inspiring kids to do a triathlon

This is a story about a kids triathlon, but it is more importantly about inspiring kids to go outside and be active versus sitting in front of a screen. The event featured in this video is called Kids For Kids Triathlon, and it took place in mid-July in a small gated community called Brookberry Farm on the outskirts of Winston-Salem, NC. It was the 13th annual edition of the race, and many kids who entered the first few events are now young adults who hopefully have an awareness of, and possibly enthusiasm for, outdoor activity in general and triathlon in particular. The triathlon features 2 age group categories, 7-10 years old and 11-14 years old.

Kids start in waves of 16, with 2 triathletes per lane in the 8 lane pool, allowing officials and parents to ensure the safety of all competitors. 7-10 year old kids swim 100 yards, bike 3.1 miles and run 0.6 miles, and the 11-14 year old triathletes swim 200 yards, bike 6.2 miles and run 1.2 miles.

"Our 'limit' is 200 kids to make sure we have the highest level of safety and to provide the highest quality event. However, we did not turn away kids at packet pick-up and actually had 225 race. 100% completed the race," said David Daggett, a long time slowtwitch forum member who is heavily involved in the local triathlon scene.

We would like to hear what you are doing in your community to get kids involved in swimming, cycling, running or any other outdoor activity at an early age.