Introducing The Arctic Triple

We often encourage thinking outside the box when it comes to races, and the new Arctic Triple event in Northern Norway really fits bill. A Lofoten Triathlon test event took place last weekend and the organizers invited 14 athletes to participate, but next year the race is open to all. There will be 3 different events in the future, hence the word triple: the Lofoten Triathlon, Lofoten Ultra and Lofoten SwimRun. The full distance Lofoten Triathlon test race was won by Norseman champion Allan Hovda and the fastest woman was Hilde Vigdis Larsen. Kai-Otto Melau was there to capture stunning images in a place that National Geographic magazine has described as one you must visit.

The weather did not fully cooperate, but that didn't stop the athletes.

A very small field started the 140.2 journey.

The athletes had to battle wind and rain all day long.

There were not many feet to hang on to, but also not many legs to get kicked by.

All alone with your thoughts on scenic roads.

After the swim, the athletes had to deal with yet more water.

Warm clothes were helpful and appreciated at times.

But not everyone had as many layers.

In that part of the world you will always be able to climb.

A big smile for the photographer.

The scenery surrounding the athletes was absolutely magnificent.

But at times it was very dark.

Muddy trails made the run challenging.

But the athletes got to run on roads, too.

Allan Hovda was happy when it was over.

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All images © Kai-Otto Melau