Ironman Chattanooga Check-In

Virtually all athletes registered for the Little Debbie Ironman Chattanooga have checked their bikes in at Ross's Landing and we were there to capture impressions.

Quintana Roo and Little Debbie represent Chattanooga well.

With the two Chattanooga Aquariums in the background, athletes checked in their bikes between 10am and 3pm.

Cliff Scherb from Norwalk, CT carefully prepared his Type 1 diabetes kit in transition.

Kyle Pawlaczyck of team US Pro Tri checks in his Falco tri bike.

This nicely set up Dimond of Chris Borden was in transition very early. We will feature it in a separate gallery soon.

Team Dynamo from Atlanta was well represented in Chattanooga.

Once the bikes are checked in, the transition bags are dropped off here.

This bright pink Trek Speed Concept Project One will be easy to spot from a distance.

The check-in was very smooth and the line really never was larger than this.

Various female Pro bikes are ready for the big day tomorrow.

Last minute bib number adjustments before putting the bike into the transition area.

Austrian Rene Vallant races for the Austrian Pewag team with Marino Vanhoenacker. He is a bit of an unknown quantity here.

This old Litespeed Blade featured some very early generation titanium ski bends.

Austin, TX resident Patrick Evoe is the top bib number in Chattanooga but did not seem unduly pressured.

Here is Patrick Evoe's Blue Triad race bike and it will be featured in a complete gallery soon.

Ice, ice baby. Athletes found a variety of spots to make last minute adjustments to gear and body.

This guy surely was not the first guy who modified his Scott Plasma 3 this way.

Hannah Lawrence from New Zealand hard at work to get that race bike ready.

The race bike of Ironman Wisconsin champion Daniel Bretscher.

Trevor Wurtele managed to avoid the paparazzi at the entrance and deposited his bike uninterrupted.