Israman Garmin Eilat images

The Israman Garmin Eilat triathlon features a very unique backdrop and folks from all over the world challenged themselves over the 113 (Half) and 226 (Full) distance. We have a race report of the event by John Hirsch up on our site already, and the image gallery below is courtesy of the talented Larry Rosa.

Earlier that day athletes await their start.

It is time to go for this start group.

More athletes await their start signal.

Evert Scheltinga had a very fine swim.

The terrain at the Israman triathlon is much more challenging than folks imagine.

Our race reporter John Hirsch on the way to 7th place.

Often athletes are alone with their thoughts and nature.

Pushing along.

Christine Lynch was the top American in 7th place of the 113k distance.

The very rare sighting of the Lightweight Urgestalt bike frame.

Full throttle.

The sun played along nicely, but it was a bit brisk.

Ben Collins took charge during the bike and then carried the win of the 113 race home during the run.

Evert Scheltinga on the way to 2nd place in the 113 race.

The very happy 113 champion Ben Collins crossed the line in 4:27:12.

Dutch Bart Candel took the 226 title in 9:46:16.

Antonina Reznikov of Israel grabbed the women's title in 10:59:15.

All images © Larry Rosa