Kona 2012 - day 1

The 2012 myList Ironman World Championships is taking place in a few days, but it is already quite busy in Kona. Here are images from Monday's activities.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com

There were many thirsty athletes on the pier today, and there was plenty of PowerBar Ironman Perform at hand.

Dirk Bockel looked very relaxed despite the injury to his hand obtained during a training feed from a car.

Dave Jewel from Zoot readies himself here for a morning swim.

When you swim too fast you end up waiting for your friends at the pier.

Dogs with flotation devices are not a common during Ironman week at least.

Mac Brown was working hard in the BonkBreaker booth at the pier.

This very fit looking tourist at the pier looks very familiar somehow.

Linsey Corbin enjoys a post swim shower at the pier.

Chris Lieto is here to promote More Than Sport

Chrissie Wellington's book is now available in several different languages.

It was not surprising to find Tom Lowe not far from Chrissie.

Cam Brown is about to ride back to his home in Kona after a morning swim.

This is the Timex Kona 2012 color scheme.

Along the pier banners remind folks of the Ironman Hawaii champions of the past.

A huge line of Kona starters is ready to receive a free helmet from Rudy Project. Judging by this line and other folks we saw downtown with new helmets already in hand we ought to see tons of Wingspan helmets on Saturday.

Chocolate Milk is a sponsor of Ironman and this editor fully approves.

Hailey, Ariel and Ronda Barker did a great job promoting the More Than Sport lounge near Lava Java.

The expo is still empty, but TriBikeTransport is ready to rock and roll.

The Woolf Kona Stadler shoes on the feet of Normann Stadler.

The parade of fit athletes along Ali'i is nonstop.