Norseman Images

All photos herein (c) Kyle Meyr, courtesy NXTRI

What is a Norseman? It's the name given to a group of people speaking the Old Norse language between the 8th and 11th centuries A.D. They were trekkers, seamen, establishing settlements as far flung as Canada and Southern Italy.

And it all starts with a push off into a cold ocean, into the unknown, whether 1200 years ago or today.

Triathlon at this level means the paradox between taking part in a group endeavor while feeling utterly exposed and alone.

The water was a "balmy" 57°F, same as the morning air temp.

Out of the water and into and out of T1. Here's a racer hiking his leg aboard a showy Quintana Roo PR6.

Riding just behind a seawall. It was a rainy day in Norway. Of course!

On a long day like this one the support crew has to be ready to hand off a rain jacket.

Obviously the lessons from the pro peloton on descending motifs have been learned.

There is about 20,000 vertical feet to climb in this race, cycling or running, in bad weather, with blisters and soggy clothing. Where do I sign up?

Hey! Support crew! I'm back here!

This is what the last part of the race looks like, from the finish line down to a very happy almost-finisher.

Lars Christian Vold, first man under 10 hours in this race.

This is what you do when you climb your last stair and finally cross the finish.

Allan Hovda came second.

Jordan Rapp in his first Norseman finished third, also under the old course record.

Anne Nevin was solid all day long to win the women's race.