Pics from Dallas and San Diego Road Shows

The Slowtwitch Ice Cream Truck rolled into Dallas then made a furious all-night dash to San Diego. The Road Shows took place at Trishop in Plano (a suburb of Dallas) and at Moment Bicycles' new shop in the Del Mar Heights area of North San Diego County.

As the host of these shows I am ably assisted by my partner in crime for the last almost-30 years, Karen Sing, just below, as I am affectionately greeted by surprise visitor Emilio De Soto.

Less-well known is Emilio's most recent venture. He's a tequila maker! His brand is called Dos Almas and Karen and I are each holding a bottle. Karen, you didn't drink yours already did you?

Most Slowtwitchers know of and are fans of Emilio's swim, bike, run and triathlon apparel as well as the fine 2-piece wetsuits he makes.

Michellie Jones spent the day at the Road Show in Dallas. She spoke to standing room only and then posed for pics. Here's a photo being taken of a photo being taken of Michellie and her two Olympic medals: a Silver for her performance in Sydney in the triathlon, and a Gold earned in Rio as a Paralympic partner.

Generation UCAN will make an appearance at a number of Slowtwitch Road Shows. UCAN, and ice baths after every run, are Meb Keflezighi's secret weapons. Can I just double up on the UCAN and skip the ice baths?

If you haven't sat in on a John Cobb presentation, it's never dull, often sprinkled with extemporaneous wisdom, usually borrowed from other industries and avocations in which he's versed. He's unpredictable and wholly unique.

Ennio Mastracci and I stand behind a table showing his ProShift automatic transmissions. At Slowtwitch we keep in fairly frequent contact with about 600 triathlon coaches. I doubt if 10 of these coaches really understand the ramifications of Ennio's system, which is nobody's fault, just, that's the state of things right now. I suspect that if all 600 coaches were versed in this system, and thought it through to its logical conclusion, half or more would recommend this system to their athletes.

Moving over to Moment Bicycles, the UC San Diego Triathlon Team swung by. The team is coached by the very capable Kim McDonald. Kim is in the 60-64 AG, not currently racing, but is the terror of the AG when he is.

Here's Daniela Ryf's Hawaiian Ironman-winning Felt IA. This bike is likely to be at the Rocklin Endurance Road Show this Sunday. It's got some very interesting elements to it.

Rinnie's Ironman winner (from 2013?) was there as well and will also likely make the trip. This bike has some features that Rinnie required be special-made for her that have since made it into production.

Felt's IA series (both the IA 1-4 and 10-16) have been huge Road Show hits. These bikes fly out the door.

There is one other really popular feature at our Road Shows: test drives of Cervelo's P5X. Most shows will be attended by Cervelo's folks with a size run of these bikes in tow. This opportunity is rare-to-nonexistent outside of a Slowtwitch Road Show because most bike shops won't carry a size run (that's $50,000 to $75,000 worth of bikes).

Parlee was also at the Road Show in San Diego.

Parlee has done with no other company has done with its disc brake equipped tri bikes: it faired the rotors and calipers. I had thought about this but wondered whether this would affect the ability to cool the rotor and the fluid. Parlee says that's not an issue with its bike.

There's a similar fairing on the fork.

Lesley Patterson was at Moment with hubbie Dr. Simon Marshall. He's a sports psychologist of renown. They run Braveheart Racing. He's got a book coming out: The Brave Athlete. I suspect it's going to be very popular among those who battle with race anxiety.

And then there are the Slowtwitchers! Here's Coyote Pelon and his daughter, both winners earlier in the morning at the SuperSeal Olympic Triathlon, maybe the only Olympic and Sprint races Ironman owns? Bob C was there and a number of other Slowtwitchers.

Next week it's the Bay Area and Sacramento, and onward!

Mar 25, Saturday: San Francisco CA: Sports Basement Presidio
Mar 26, Sunday: Rocklin, CA: Rocklin Endurance
Apr 1, Saturday: Washington DC Bonzai
Apr 29, Stamford, CT: Pacific Cycling & Multisport
Apr 30, Jersey Shore, NJ: Asbury Park Cyclery
May 6, Saturday: Santa Barbara, CA: Hazards
May 13, Saturday: Chicago: Live Grit