Stunning Scenes From 4th Annual Odyssey Orcas Island

In addition to the 2-person team format, the race now offers a solo division for individuals, in both a long course and short course offerings. Orcas Island is the largest of the islands in the San Juan Island chain in Washington state.

All photos courtesy of Aaron Palaian.

Here men's long course team, Banana Hammocks with Clark De Bevoise and Chris Bancroft, sharing a laugh before plunging into the bay.

Long course mixed team category winners Ben Paxton and his teammate Nargus Harounzadeh formed the team of Dr. Evil and Dr. Strange.

Erin Stone won the women's long course solo category covering the 21+ miles of trail running with 6100 feet of elevation gain and nearly 5 miles of swimming in 7 hrs 43 mins.

Rosario Resort is home base for Odyssey Orcas and serves as the start and finish venue although the vast majority of the course is within Moran State Park.

Team Shortenhaus Unicorns with Jane Hildeburn and Avery Miller still manage to smile their way through the challenging long course.

Short course men's team Trail Blazers with Michael Herrera Teran and Brandon Sickau run past the stunning Cascade Falls section on their way back to Rosario Resort.

The Wright brothers, Chris and David, officially raced in the short course solo category but still banded together out on the course.

Brightly colored swim enter/exit flags let athletes know where to swim to and from.

Athletes enjoying the day.

The grind up to the Mt. Constitution summit is especially worth the effort on a clear day.

Athletes enjoyed the crystal clear waters for their various swims on the day.

Trail running heaven.

Odyssey SwimRun is a small series of events that are put on by a group of cool humans, including long-time Slowtwitch family member Lars Finanger. If you are looking for a unique multisport event, this is worth taking a look at. More information can be found here.