Superb ITU WC Penticton images

Brazilian Wagner Araujo is well known for his amazing photography and passionate attention to detail and he selected his favorite images from the 2017 ITU World Championships in Penticton, Canada.

American Branden Rakita darting along the lake shore on the way to 11th place in the Elite Cross Triathlon event.

Age group athletes during the Cross Triathlon with the Okanagan Lake in the background.

The scenery was stunning for sure for the athletes, fans and the media.

Wagner Araujo said he enjoyed the shadows in highlights in the woods.

Here Wagner played with a slow shutter speed and second curtain flash also during the Cross Triathlon.

Nothing is holding back Brit Jackie Allen (ne Slack) here, but Canadian Melanie McQuaid bested here on this day.

Plenty of water during the running section of the Cross Triathlon.

Up close with the shoes as the sun is playing hide and seek.

The packed action during the Duathlon event in Penticton.

Wagner captured the solar eclipse during the Duathlon event.

Flying along and representing Brazil during the Aquathlon - Arlan Dos Santos Franklin Mendes

The future of the sport in action.

Riding past the vineyards.

So beautiful.

The ITU Long Distance action around Shaka Lake.

Aussie Josh Amberger looked strong and ran well but was bested by Canadian Lionel Sanders.

Full throttle action for Canadian Jen Annett out on the countryside.

No one was able to match Aussie Sarah Crowley on this day.

Just riding along on a beautiful day near Penticton.

All images © Wagner Araujo / ITU Media