Team Timex Camp 2013

Team Timex gathered in Lyndhurst, NJ for their 2013 camp and this time they were joined by the Timex sales team. They learned about new gadgets, got new gear, participated in ventilatory thresholds tests with the Korey Stringer Institute, met new team mates, had a big award night and in general had fun.

Most of the activities took place in and around the NY Giants Timex Performance Center where the team received their gear and were introduced to the new Timex Run Trainer 2.0 GPS watch, and the awards in the evening were given out at Metlife Stadium where Fireman Rob received a standing ovation and gave a passionate speech.

Jennifer Pinto was selected as rookie of the year, and Chris Thomas and Cindy Bannick were the age groupers of the year. Viktor Zyemtsev and Christine Anderson received Pro of the year honors, and Barry Siff and Brian Schaning were inducted into the Team Timex Hall of Fame.

All images © Herbert Krabel /

Roger Thompson gets feedback during the ventilatory threshold test.

Run Roger Thompson run.

There was blood letting all in the name of science.

Jackie Arendt during a quiet moment in the NY Giants dining hall.

Just before noon the dining hall got very busy with Team Timex athletes and sales folks.

Matt Russell is a new member of Team Timex and here he checked out his swag.

Most of the team was present and lined up for a picture in the NY Giants locker room.

Timex product manager Paul Bernstein gave a fun presentation of the new Timex Run Trainer 2.0 GPS.

A very attentive audience tries out the features of the Run Trainer 2.0.

With a reversed display on the arm of Matt Russell.

California sales rep Larry Hartford talks to several Cal based athletes during a round robin tech session.

Keith Meyer of Timex gives final instructions for the 80s themed 5k run around the NY Giants Timex Performance Center.

The front group was setting a hard pace.

Christine Anderson in costume and full flight.

Andrew Hodges with the cool post run swag lunch box.

No doubt as to who was welcomed at Metlife Stadium.

Bruce Gennari lined up next to Tom Landry in the NY Giants hall of fame

Dennis Meeker in front of the special football collection.

Mike Reilly the voice of Ironman was the host of the evening.

Peter Hurley and Mac McEneaney accept the Timex Game Changer award for the Quintana Roo bike brand from Tom Schuler, Tristan Brown and Keith Meyer.