Team Timex camp - day 1

It is the 10-year anniversary of Team Timex and currently athletes of the team have gathered in East Rutherford, NJ for the annual team camp. Timex is a big partner with the New York Giants and the team got to see the home of said football team. Slowtwitch was there to check out the activities.

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The home of team Timex for the next few days.

Laura Tingle used her imagination to decorate one of the team vans.

DJ Snyder from Houston, TX got roped to pose for this pic.

Original Ironman Dave Orlowski is quite an inspiration for the younger team members, with Barry Siff in the background.

During the tour of the facility this security guy swept up the rear of the group.

A very impressive weight room has no small weights and quite a few 100 pound dumbbells.

The workout schedule for the rehab football players is on the board.

In the Giants locker room, Barry Siff points out who is truly the king of this castle.

The locker room is shaped like a football, and the team Timex guys will be using it the next few days.

The Timex logo can be seen from quite a distance.

When the weather is rough outside the team practices here.

Walking through halls with great images...

...and a few inspirational words.

Team for dinner in the Giants cafeteria.

Viktor Zyemtsev and Tamara Kozulina enjoying their dinner.

Keith Meyer welcomed the team and introduced the Timex and Team Sports folks.

Herbie Calves (Timex VP of Marketing) and Tom Schuler (head of Team Sports) pay attention to Ronnie Barnes, Giants VP of Medical Services.

Time for the athletes to get some gear.

Bruce Gennari posing with his swag.

Awaiting the shuttle back to the hotel.