Team Timex camp - day 2

Another day has passed by at the 2011 Timex Multisport Team camp and we snapped a few more images.

All images are © Herbert Krabel /

It is 5:45am and a large group is eager to go to for a morning swim.

Mac Brown and Laura Tingle have the game face on.

Bruce Gennari took charge of the morning swim and gave out the workouts.

Soon after the waters were churning with activity.

By the time the group left the Lyndhurst Community pool, the sun had come out.

Intense conversations during breakfast at the Timex Performance Center.

Tim Hola was first to get the VO2 testing done as Chris Kinney, Dominic Gillen and Suzie Snyder from TargetTraining look on.

After the hard effort Tim Hola is stretching in the area usually busy with New York Giants.

Meanwhile over at the Meadowlands the Team got to find all their 2011 gear inside the lockers of the players.

The gear of Laura Tingle was inside Eli Manning's locker.

What was initially meant as a snapshot of a few athletes quickly turned into a very large effort.

Mac Brown inside the fairly new New York Giants Meadowlands stadium.

The team posed outside the stadium for a group shot before returning to the Timex Performance Center.

Time for lunch and there are plenty of hungry mouths to feed here.

Chris Thomas during his VO2 testing session with Marie Danais cooling down after her effort next to him and Shannon Coats warming up a bit further back.

And all eyes are now on Shannon Coats.

Not too far away Linval Joseph of the New York Giants is working out with some serious weights and quite a bit of determination.

During the Global Trainer round robin seminar, new Team Timex members get a closer look at their new tech gadgets and information on how to use them.

In another room the athletes got to learn about Twitter, facebook and other social media etiquette.

Maybe to most popular afternoon session was the Maximizing Exercise Performance in the Heat session held by Doug Casa and Rebecca Stearns of the Korey Stringer Institute, UCONN School of Kinesiology.