TheMagic5 Black Magic Mirror Silver Limited Edition

Have you been good or bad this year? Regardless, we've been rolling out ideas for you to add to your wish list this holiday season. We're nearing the end of our 12 Days of Slowtwitch Xmas on Monday, December 16th, but first...

On the 11th day of Xmas we present TheMagic5 and their limited edition Black Magic Mirror Silver custom goggles inspired by the speedy swimming Ben Kanute.

TheMagic5 provides custom-fit goggles designed specifically to match the contours of your face.

Through a download app, your phone’s camera is used to perform a quick scan of your face, followed by a photo while holding something the size of a credit card to gauge size.

Despite being made custom to your face, the delivery time was less than two weeks.

The fit is comfortable and the goggles sit just inside your eye socket. With the custom fit, you don’t need to tighten the goggles as much as you would with other pairs and there is no leaking.

The beveled design of the lenses creates a full field of vision though this also creates a bit of a depth perception issue when underwater but something your eyes adjust to.

Just in case the fit isn’t perfect, they provide 4 extra nose pieces, 2 larger and 2 smaller to help dial in the custom fit.

One of triathlon’s top swimming pros, Ben Kanute, inspired the development of the limited edition model earlier in the year and proceeded to notch wins at 70.3 Oceanside, St. Anthony’s as well as a three-peat at Escape from Alcatraz.

To celebrate this limited edition goggle, ideally positioned for open water, sunny days and racing, they are on offer for a limited time (Dec 13th thru Dec 31st) to Slowtwitchers.

$75 (use code SLOWTWITCH20 for a 20% discount). TheMagic5 Black Magic Mirror Silver

Photos #2, #3, #4 by Aaron Palaian of Created By Aaron. Review by John Stevens.