The 2013 SSTriGP Las Vegas

Under the bright lights of Las Vegas Elite men and women battled for a $30,000 purse in the Aussie inspired Super Sprint Tri Grand Prix.

American Olympian Gwen Jorgensen grabbed the women's title and with it the US National title. Aussie Peter Kerr took the men's race and Eric Lagerstrom earned the US National title in an exciting sprint for the second place.

All images except 19 and 20 are © Eric Wynn

The setup was fantastic, but it should have taken part at the Mandelay Bay in conjunction with the US Crit Finals.

The Elite women getting ready for their race

Heather Jackson had won the slightly shorter heat race in the morning.

Out of the water and quickly onto the bike. The youngest finalist Taylor Spivey here in action.

Heather Jackson was last out of the water and had to chase hard after a transition dabble.

Both Wassner twins made the final race.

The back stretch of the Super Sprint Tri GP.

Lindsey Jerdonek and Radka Vodickova battled hard for the final podium spot, with Jerdonek coming out on top.

Gwen Jorgensen took charge of the final race and reeled in long time leader Sara McLarty.

Jorgensen was thrilled with this win.

The Elite men get final instructions.

And in the water they go.

Cam Dye was riding full throttle all night.

The first time around the field was pretty much together.

Cam Dye tried hard to shake some of the folks on this crit style course.

And they raced hard.

After the second swim Peter Kerr shows one variation to get out of this above ground pool.

Ben Collins was in the mix all day.

No doubt here that Peter Kerr was having a good time.

Eric Lagerstrom ran a great race and was rewarded with the US Sprint title.