The 2014 Kona Aftermath

The race was over on Saturday and folks leave this magic island now daily and it starts to look a bit different here. I captured a few images on my iPhone before departing from Kona myself today.

Just a few days ago this area was packed with swimmers and onlookers.

There were indeed a few people swimming and they had plenty of room to swim.

Karin Sing the Queen of Neo got a swim in too, but without a wetsuit.

The Germans seem to stay the longest and always represent well, and with Kienle winning all is well at home in Germany too.

Space to sit on the wall wherever you want. And no one trying to walk around you.

The shelf for the swim gear was filled more than I expected.

Other bikes have taken over the pier now.

This was likely the largest group coming out of the water this morning.

Adrian Zahnd, the bike marketing coordinator for Scott Sports was beaming with pride after the great finishes of the Scott athletes. Kienle 1st, Viennot 5th, and Swallow 4th.

Belinda Granger and James Seear had a good swim too.

AJ Baucco seems to be everywhere.

We looked for the Coffees of Hawaii boat, but to no avail.

The banners on the buildings have disappeared too and it looks quaint.

Barely anything left from the massive Ironman World Championships expo.

Time to relax and chill on the beach.

I found a very lonely and very decorated Cervelo P3 in front of Lava Java.

Tyler Butterfield had a chat with Ronnie Schildknecht about the race and then it was time for Schildknecht to head to the airport.

Slowtwitch forum member Eric Reid also made a quick stop at Lava Java before heading towards the airport with his son.

NimbleWear was one of the last brands standing here in Kona.

Other cyclists have now taken over Ali'i Drive.