The Best of We Noticed

Sorry if the name is confusing, but this feature is about our favorite images submitted by our readers in 2011 to the somewhat recently developed sub site. These images came from all over the world in only a few months and we are already excited what a full year in 2012 will bring.

So check these images out and remember you can also submit videos to this site. But all photos and videos need to be owned by you when you submit to

Holy cow by Corey Hooper

NorCal riding by Oli Ryan

Central Park NYC at 5:23am by chokeonyourmouse

Coming up for air near the Natural Energy Lab in Kona by Larkin Carter

Morning run in Mooloolaba by AlphaQ

Oilman 70.3 in Conroe, TX. Air temp 33, water temp 68 by Jeff Irvin

No saddle at the Buschhuetten Triathlon in Germany by Karsten

Never too young to start at Ironman Zurich 2010 by Jul Helin

Frantic swim start of the Banyoles Half in Spain by Thomas Rohde

Training ride in the hills of Western Virginia by Brooks Lucas

Black lave near the Queen K by austentx

Group ride in Wanaka New Zealand by Krystina

Xantusia by austentx

Guess where he was stung in Flagstaff, AZ by Josh Terwoord

Training run near Malham, Yorkshire Dales, UK by Roger Lias

Ironman Wisconsin 2011 overlooking about half of the bikes by Aaron S

Pucon, Chile by sampaiobeto

On the road to Monument Valley, AZ during the Canyons Tour by Dave Ritzmann

A seemingly illegal activity by Darin Conselyea

Morning swim in Destin, Florida by Corey Hooper