The Jack Bobridge 1-hour video

A few days ago Jack Bobridge started his 1-hour record braking attempt in Melbourne, Australia with fury but in the end the 2012 Olympic Silver medalist who rides for Team Budget Forklifts fell short of the record set by Matthias Brändle of IAM Cycling. Afterwards some folks said that he should have paced himself more early on, but it is always easy to be a Monday morning quarterback. I personally appreciated his no risk, no gain attitude and here now is a video from that attempt shot and edited by Korupt Vision.

Bobridge on the track in Melbourne, Australia.

Final words of advice and encouragement before the 1-hour record effort.

A clearly worn out Jack Bobridge just seconds after the unsuccessful attempt.

On the way back to the locker room and there is also clearly signs of disappointment on his face.

The man with his gear.

All images © Korupt Vision