The Pros and their pooches 3

We finally have another edition of the popular Pros with their dogs feature. You can now meet the very diverse collection of Pro pooches from around the world.

Paul Matthews who is also known as Barny is hanging out here with 10-year old Lab mix Presley. We are quite sure that Presley is having a blast here.

Oscar is an 18-month old French bulldog and he belongs to Portuguese Pro Pedro Gomes. Don't they make a cute couple?

Angela Naeth recently got married and is now called Angela Duncan. She has two dogs and here she is with Blue, a 4-year old blue nosed pitbull. The other dog is Maffey a 8-month old Pinscher / Schnauzer mix.

Ana Borba is a Brazilian long course athlete and here she is with Eisen, a 4 months old Schnauzer. Eisen is the German word for Iron.

We are not quite sure who is more tired here, Danish Pro Jimmy Johnsen or his 12-year old Jack Russell Basil. There is also a 7-year old Jack Russell named Buffy in the household.

Aussie Pro Courtney Atkinson plays here with Rock, a 5-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback - who weighs 49kg /108lbs. We suspect no one will attempt to break-in and steal a bike or hurt a loved one.

MooMoo is the dog of Jessica Broderick and he is a 2-year old Havanese.

Bec Wassner with Maya, a 2-3 year old mix she got from Puerto Rico. Maya is reported to be a great runner.

Ivan with his master Eric Limkemann. We are however not sure if Ivan is as comfortable in the water as Eric is.

Beth Shutt with Roxy - a Border Collie she rescued 7-years ago.

British Pro Liz Blatchford with her dog Buttons on Philip Island. Buttons is a female Jack Russell / Fox Terrier and is 8-years old.

When Richie Cunningham broke his elbow he had caring company from his dogs Sam and Zoe.

Oreo is a 18-month old mix that Manny Huerta and his wife rescued in the streets of Puerto Rico.

Chris Braden here with Peanut Butter Braden, a 10-year old
Golden Retriever.

Whinnie is a 3-year old Chinese Shar Pei who is at home with TJ Tollakson.

Meet Zaco, the 11-year old Field Trail Springer Spanial of Helle Frederiksen who is rumored to love to hunt. But Zaco spends all his time with her parents on the North West Coast of Denmark since Helle is on the road too much.

Aussie Belinda Granger with Bull Arab Grip. Grip sadly passed away this year.

Lola is a 6-year old Labradoodle and has been with Will Clarke since just before the Olympics. She makes sure Will's wife Clare is fine when he is on the road.

Heather Fuhr and Roch Frey with their dog Morgan.

Rebekah Keat with her best buddy.

Cyclocross phenom Katie Compton with Pixie, a 3year old rescued tripod Rottweiler. Pixie lost her leg in a car accident when she was 18-month old.

Aussie Pro Chris Legh with Bella. Now Bella isn't really a dog, but since this bunny can bark and clearly also bite, we decided to let Bella in here.