The top 23 Movember triathletes

Throughout November around 40 men of triathlon grew mustaches to raise awareness and money for Movember. To be precise 43 men raised money as part of this US based team, but some folks joined later to push the number from just below 40 participants to the final 43. The battle for the top spots was very exciting and the total money raised so far far exceeded previous Movember efforts. Currently the team is ranked 18th in the country with $34,442 raised, and more money is expected from Men Of Triathlon 2015 calendar sale. It is not too late to get yours, so buy many, and buy them often. Teaser images can be seen here, plus the calendar can be ordered here too.

However, here now are the top 23 fundraisers of the bunch. Why 23? Because we liked that number.

Mark Miller of Precision Bikes fame started this Movember team effort late but charged into the lead with a great attitude and managed to collect $3,661.49.

Kellen Hood is not only one of the most amazing fundraisers, but he knows how to have fun with pics too. $3,531.14 raised.

Diaa Nour has been in the top 3 from the start and with the month of Movember over he is standing tall in 3rd place with $3,120.47 raised

Chris Corbin is one of the driving forces and the captain of the Men of Triathlon team. He got friends and family to give $3,084.78

Chris Big Sexy McDonald ends this month in 5th place with $2,710.47 to his name.

Todd Simmons was a very strong competitor from the start of this campaign, and while his mustache is still sad, his $2,500.59 fundraising effort is impressive.

Brach Myers finishes this month with $1698.47 to his name, a great attitude and 7th place.

Slowly and steady Brandon Marsh came from behind and moved into the top 8 with $1,401.98.

We are not sure what Tim Reed was doing when he took this picture but it does not really matter. He has collected $1,286.80 and is in 9th position.

Timothy O'Donnell has likely the bushiest mustache of the group and $1,101.80 means 10th place for this fast Pro.

This is likely not the most flattering image of Tyler Butterfield, and the mustache is sad too, but the $1,046.80 is not.

Dark Mark, aka The Real Starky sidekick, did well with his fundraising effort and raised $1,010.79.

TJ Tollakson also managed to get over the $1,000 hump with $1,001.80 to his name.

Blake Becker sits in 14th place after collecting $804.05

I was as high as 5h place but ran out of gas when it mattered and am now in 15th place with $674.47.

Luke McKenzie looks stylish with the stache and should consider keeping it. This fast Aussie has collected $456.80.

Even the cat is impressed with Trevor Wurtele's mustache and the $426.80 he has raised.

$318.59 means 18th place for Scott DeFilippis and his fundraising effort is greatly appreciated too.

Matt Lieto is one of the co-directors of the Men of Triathlon fundraising effort and he has been pushing the whole effort versus just his. He has $289.47 to his name though.

Doug MacLean is in 20th position with $198.47 raised.

Pete Jacobs also joined this US based Men of Triathlon team and is 21st with $150.00 collected.

Chris Legh is a man of many talents and he has raised $128.59 for the Men of Triathlon Movember effort.

Fellow Aussie Tim Van Berkel sits in 23rd place with $128.59 and should be thus tied with Chris Legh, but Movember ranks him 23rd.