You surely can Swimrun in Cannes

The newest ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Series race took place in Cannes - a resort town on the French Riviera that is well know for its International Film Festival. But it was 500 Swimrun athletes from 24 nations that were performing in and around Cannes in front of surprised and stunned onlookers. On Saturday the shorter Sprint and Experience events took place, but the World Series event was on Sunday and had a total length of 36.8 km. The running distance was 28.4 km, but split up over 10 runs with the longest run measuring 8.3 km. The swimming distance added up to 8.4 km total, but was spread out over 9 swims with the longest swim measuring 2.1 km. Cannes is the first race for ÖtillÖ in a major urban setting. The water temperature was right at 20 degrees Celsius (68 F) and the air temperature at 27 degrees Celsius (80 F), and there was no wind according to the race organization.

The water on the coast of Cannes certainly looks inviting. And apparently boat owners think the same thing.

Athletes also got to see this amazing monastery along the way.

Swim, swim and swim

No need for buoys when you can have sailboats as orientation points to navigate to the next swim exit.

Two mixed teams and one male team battle for position here.

The Golden Bibs of Team ArkSwimrun - Fredrik Axegård and Alex Flores are easy to spot, but after today's race these bibs moved to another team

With the beach not too packed with tourists, the lifeguards were able to check out the race.

Through downtown Cannes and some locals were barely batting an eye.

Two teams weave through traffic. Team 88 with Italians Paolo Carminati and Renato Dell'oro in front and on the way to 41st place overall, while team 13 with French athletes Pierre Lourdais and Christophe Gaillac right behind them ended up in 56th place overall.

Swedes Fredrik Hägglund and Mårten Westlund were apparently not tempted by the scent of the food nearby. Notice also how they carry their buoy. The lower back carrying option seems to be gaining in popularity.

Desiree Andersson and Fanny Danckwardt (SWE) took control of the women's race and in the end won by more than 10 minutes.

Fellow Swedes Anna Hellström and Susie Moonan were chasing all day but had to settle for second place.

On this very warm day in Cannes the sleeveless HEAD Swimrun suit was popular.

Higher up in Nantes athletes got to see some greenery and the water below.

With Anneli Wall and Jenny Ramstedt in third place, Swedish teams managed to sweep the female podium in Cannes.

So much to see here, but it is best to focus on the task ahead.

No one had been promised a flat course and flat it surely wasn't.

But what goes up must come down.

It was a tight battle all day in the men's race but in the end Swedes Pontus Lindberg and George Bjälkemo of Team Garmin were victorious, 19 seconds ahead of French Nicolas Remires and Julien Pousson of Team Envol.

The mixed team race was even tighter and in the end only 16 seconds separated the winning Swedish squad Helena Sivertsson and Henrik Wahlberg from the runner-up team Diane Sadik (SUI) and Knut Baadshaug (NOR). Here Knut Baadshaug leads Diane Sandik into another swim section, just ahead of eventual winners Henrik Wahlberg and Helena Sivertsson.

All images © Pierre Mangez / ÖtillÖ Cannes except image 20. Image 20 is © Cendrine Gerosa

Results ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Cannes - October 21, 2018


1. George Bjälkemo (SWE) and Pontus Lindberg (SWE) Team Garmin 4:36:59
2. Nicolas Remires (FRA) and Julien Pousson (FRA) Team Envol 4:37:18
3. Fredrik Axegård (SWE) and Alex Flores (SWE) Team ArkSwimrun 4:40:56


1. Helena Sivertsson (SWE) and Henrik Wahlberg (SWE) - Team Aneheim Consulting 4:53:43
2. Diane Sadik (SUI) and Knut Baadshaug (NOR) - Team Envol/ Vivobarefoot 4:53:59
3. André Fält (SWE) and Nina Ellmark (GER) Primalcoaching powered by Head 5:11:22


1. Fanny Danckwardt (SWE) and Desirée Andersson (SWE) - Team Envol 5:14:50
2. Anna Hellström (SWE) and Susie Moonan (SWE) - Team Envol 5:25:45
3. Anneli Wall (SWE) and Jenny Ramstedt (SWE) Team Envol/ Head Swimming 5:44:21