Rainy Day in Boston

: A photo gallery showcasing why Boston Tri is good for the sport.

Who Won the Women's Philly Tri? That's Not the Point.

: Last week wasn't an IM or a World Cup, but a no-pro, no-money race in Philly.

When the mountains are calling

: 175 teams from 25 different countries traveled to Switzerland to compete in the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin and tackle a beautiful and difficult course on what organizers called a near perfect day.

The Man with the Halo - the documentary

: The documentary The Man with the Halo is an inspiring look behind the scenes of Tim Don's tough journey to return to race again at the very pointy field of professional triathlon.

Prepping For an Alcatraz Escape

: Eric Lagerstrom chronicles his training leading up to Escape From Alcatraz.

A day in the life of Helle Frederiksen

: Helle Frederiksen finished second in her IRONMAN debut last November and is now fully focused on Kona. Experience now a day with her in her new home in Denmark, south of Silkeborg.

Finding the Right Training Partner

: Five years, several marathons, and many triathlons later, happenstance training partners are here to tell you their story.

The Journey to Going Long

: Adventure seeking triathlete Eric Lagerstrom transitions from short to long course racing.

Inside Ben Kanute's Texas Shootout

: Kanute's Coach Jim Vance provides detailed insight into the young American's training and racing program.

Beautiful pics from the 2018 Breca Wanaka

: Lake Wanaka is in a stunning area of New Zealand and the Breca SwimRun organization held their second event there last weekend - in both a long course and short course format.

The 2018 Arctic Triple Lofoten Skimo

: When you are born in Scandinavia it is likely that you are given skis shortly after birth, and thus entering the Arctic Triple Lofoten Skimo might be less daunting than for folks who barely ever see ...

The Adventure Vehicle

: For pro triathlete Eric Lagerstrom, the off-season was a time to refurbish his Adventure Vehicle.

The 2018 Expedition Amundsen

: February is a popular time for unique endurance ski and running events and the Åsnes Expedition Amundsen in Norway is apparently often called the hardest ski race.

Tour of Sufferlandria - One Rider's Experience

: The 6th annual virtual tour stage race presented by The Sufferfest recently finished, raised over $172,000 for charity, and Slowtwitchers were amongst those up for the challenge.

Images of Cautious Optimism

: The 2018 TBI Conference, in Tempe, AZ, just ended. Here's what cautious optimism looks like.

New Year, New Challenges

: A reflection on sporting lessons learned from the past year.

2018 CX Nationals Photos

: Christopher Keiser shot images of US Cyclocross Nationals held in Reno, NV, over the weekend.

Under My Wing Triathlon Summit

: 16 high achieving college triathletes from around the US take part in an intensive triathlon summit produced by Angela Naeth and Red Bull.

Bermuda Swimcation

: I tend to travelogue our family Slowcations here, and here is our latest: open water swimming in Bermuda.

Introducing SwimRun Lake James

: The Lake James State Park is in the Blue Ridge Mountains not far from Asheville, NC and in April will offer a stunning background for the inaugural SwimRun Lake James.

Are Gravel and Tri Kissin' Cousins?

: Is a gravel bike a tri bike? Not yet. Is it a multisport bike? You bet. Will it be a tri bike? It will if I have anything to say about it!

SwimRun SwimRun in North Carolina

: One of the last big SwimRun events of the 2017 season took place in cold and rainy conditions at Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina and here are some pics from this sold out event.

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