New Race Formats Slowtwitchers Want

: Old habits die hard. But they do die, and are replaced by what comes next.

Best Kona images of 2018

: Photography is not the day job of Eric Wynn but he is an amazing photographer and these selected images from the 2018 Amazon Ironman World Championships make this point very clear.

2018 US SwimRun Rankings

: A comprehensive ranking of US based swimrun athletes from 2018.

Overland Triathlon

: Pro triathlete Eric Lagerstrom turned his dream into a reality and created his perfect triathlon.

Photo Gallery - IGNITE SwimRun Virginia

: For the third year in a row, swimrun took to the James River and trails in Richmond, Virginia.

You surely can Swimrun in Cannes

: The newest ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Series race took place in Cannes - a resort town on the French Riviera that is well know for its International Film Festival. But it was 500 Swimrun athletes from 24 ...

Beyond Kona

: More than any other year, travelers to Kona got out of Kona during Ironman week.

An Alohaman Extreme Tour

: Alohaman Extreme delivers a Big Island course for those craving more than the Queen K.

An Aloha Challenge

: A new challenge presented to non racing athletes on the Big Island during race week, a first row seat to the new Alohaman Extreme Triathlon.

The Land of Fire and Ice

: Extreme endurance events, like the new Ísland Extreme, embrace challenging conditions and courses.

The Trials and Tribulations of Richard Murray

: South Africa's Richard Murray is a familiar face on the international triathlon circuit and he talks about his past and future in this film.

SOS: The Most Loved Race

: Registration opens, then closes, in 3 minutes. "This event was really the best ever!"

Images From Quintana Roo's Early Days

: Rummaging through storage I came across some old pics.

Launching with confidence at Casco Bay

: Cooler temps and rain made for ideal SwimRun conditions on the coast of Maine for the third edition of this race that will be called Cole Classic moving forward.

Stunning pics from Öloppet

: The Öloppet SwimRun in Sweden was first run in 2011 and then had 100 teams, but this year apparently over 700 teams challenged themselves in this fast growing sport.

RoadOptional Update

: I bought my ticket this morning for the first-ever so-described gravel bike triathlon, the Ugly Dog, outside of Ann Arbor.

Rainy Day in Boston

: A photo gallery showcasing why Boston Tri is good for the sport.

Who Won the Women's Philly Tri? That's Not the Point.

: Last week wasn't an IM or a World Cup, but a no-pro, no-money race in Philly.

When the mountains are calling

: 175 teams from 25 different countries traveled to Switzerland to compete in the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin and tackle a beautiful and difficult course on what organizers called a near perfect day.

The Man with the Halo - the documentary

: The documentary The Man with the Halo is an inspiring look behind the scenes of Tim Don's tough journey to return to race again at the very pointy field of professional triathlon.

Prepping For an Alcatraz Escape

: Eric Lagerstrom chronicles his training leading up to Escape From Alcatraz.

A day in the life of Helle Frederiksen

: Helle Frederiksen finished second in her IRONMAN debut last November and is now fully focused on Kona. Experience now a day with her in her new home in Denmark, south of Silkeborg.

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