2012 Rev3 Knoxville race day

The 2012 Revolution3 Triathlon Knoxville was won by Greg Bennett and Kelly Williamson and neither athlete had won this title before. Williamson came close in 2010, but Bennett had never been at this race before. Either way, here is a stunning picture gallery from this popular event.

All images © Rev3

An official checks the helmet of Greg Bennett early in the morning.

A bird's perspective of a small section of the Pro transition area.

Kelly Williamson and Kate Major chatting before the swim start.

Nervous anticipation.

The action in the Tennessee river.

Cam Dye charged into the lead on the bike.

Andrew Yoder had a solid day in Knoxville.

No time to admire the country side for AJ Baucco.

The tall Kaleb VanOrt seems to be a blur

This was Greg Bennett's first appearance in Knoxville.

Kelly Williamson is getting better and better on the bike.

Most Pros rode TT bikes, but not everyone opted to do so.

Crossing the Tennessee river.

Greg Bennett looked very fit despite only being in pre-season form.

Kaleb VanOrt on the way to fourth place.

Sara McLarty had led the race for quite a while.

It looks like Kelly Williamson is weightless.

To the winner go the spoils.

Close before, but now a winner. Congrats Kelly Willamson.

Second place went to Lauren Goss.