2014 Challenge Roth - race

The 30th edition of the Challenge Roth is slowly coming to an end but we wanted to share a gallery of today's racing action. Please enjoy these 30 impressions from Roth.

Legendary triathletes Thomas Hellriegel and Jürgen Zack had a chat in the transition area before the race. Hellriegel however was not racing.

Many eyes were on defending champion Dirk Bockel.

The elite wave with the Pros and sub 9 likely finishers was the first one to go off.

A tunnel of folks awaited the athletes as they started the bike segment.

Another legend from Germany led the race during the first half and with that action Andreas Niedrig made many fans happy.

2012 champion James Cunnama was in the front group of 11 athletes.

German Nils Frommhold won the 2014 Ironman South Africa and wanted to show that it wasn't a one hit wonder.

Aussie Joe Gambles also made that front bunch, but said he did not feel strong during the race.

After an asthma attack Luke McKenzie had a slow swim and chased most of the day.

After a fine swim, defending champion Caroline Steffen was in the lead on the bike.

Caroline Steffen still held on to her lead as she came up the Solarer Berg for the first time.

Mirinda Carfrae was also riding well and did not let a huge gap open up.

Danish Pro Michelle Vesterby did not have the day she wanted and dropped back during the bike segment.

Before the race Yvonne Van Vlerken voiced concerns about her health, but she was also in striking distance.

McKenzie got closer to the lead bunch after the first lap, but simply did not have the day he had planned.

On the second lap passing age groupers meant extra attention for both the Pros and the media vehicles.

Timo Bracht was smooth and rode a very smart race after a strong swim.

Dirk Bockel pushing up the Solarer Berg.

Nils Frommhold pulled away from Timo Bracht late in the bike segment to get some distance on that fast runner.

In the women's race Rachel Joyce started to pull away from Caroline Steffen late in the second half.

Markus Fachbach started to drift back when the heat was applied up front, and eventually dropped out.

Out on the run Nils Frommhold started with a 5 minute advantage over Timo Bracht.

Joe Gambles moved up on the run but had to hand over 3rd place to the hard running Eneko Llanos.

As Caroline Steffen chased Mirinda Carfrae and Rachel Joyce she could feel the heat from Yvonne Van Vlerken.

Rinny meanwhile got closer and closer to Rachel Joyce in a bit of a Kona deja-vu.

But Rachel Joyce hung in tough.

Timo Bracht took the lead and never looked back.

Nils Frommhold however seemed happy with second place.

A big hug for the sweaty and beer drenched Nils Frommhold.

2014 Champion Mirinda Carfrae and runner-up Rachel Joyce show their appreciation to the crowd.