2018 SwimRun events in North America

In 2016 there were only 3 SwimRun events in the USA but the sport has steadily grown in North America and this year athletes can choose from at least 18 different events. Most of these events currently are on the East Coast, but more and more SwimRun races are coming and likely one will be in reasonable distance from you before too long.

What are the race distances in these SwimRun events? Most of these North American races are in the 10 to 20 mile total distance range, and that includes all runs and swims, but there is no set distance. Some races are more swim heavy, others more run heavy, and the distances are what the land gives. Some of the races offer shorter Sprint options to attract less experienced folks, but almost all events require teams of 2. There are a few exceptions, but part of the SwimRun experience is having to rely on someone else, and that other person having to rely on you.

Wetsuits are almost always required, and paddles and pull buoys are usually allowed, and since you have to swim with your shoes that actually makes a lot of sense. You can also bring a tether, but whatever you take with you has to stay with you the whole distance. There is no gear drop, and transitions are ideally smooth and fast - because there are usually plenty of them. For example in SwimRun NC there are 18 transitions, and many races have even more transitions.

2018 SwimRun events in North America

March 25 California Swim Run – San Diego, CA

April 7 SwimRun Lake James – Nebo, NC
April 8 SwimRun Georgia - Cartersville, GA

May 12 Ignite SwimRun Maryland – Boonsboro, MD
May 12 Catawba SwimRun – Charlotte, NC

June 2 Crawlman SwimRun – Winder, GA
June 3 Bellingham SwimRun – Bellingham, WA
June 16 SwimRun Boston Harbor Islands – Boston, MA

July 1 SwimRun RockyKnox – Knoxville, TN
July 28 Ignite SwimRun Minnesota – Ironton, MN

August 12 SwimRun Casco Bay Islands – Portland, ME *
August 12 SwimRun Victoria – Victoria, BC, Canada
August 18 Garden State SwimRun – Randolph, NJ

September 8 Amphibious Challenge SwimRun – Sheenboro, QC, Canada *
September 8 SwimRun Superior – Munising, MI
September 15 Ignite SwimRun Rhode Island – New Shoreham, RI
September 23 SwimRun San Juan Islands – Orcas, WA
September 30 Urban SwimRun – Kelowna, BC, Canada

October 20 SwimRun VA – Richmond, VA
October 28 SwimRun NC – Hanging Rock State Park, NC *

* = ÖtillÖ Merit Race

SwimRun Casco Bay Islands and SwimRun NC are sold out for 2018, but there are plenty other races available to get challenged and awed - or at the very least get that SwimRun experience checked off your bucket list. We all love bikes but it is actually delightful to travel to an event without one.

Now go SwimRun.