70.3 Worlds Vegas race day

Aussies grabbed the titles in Las Vegas and occupied quite a few of the top ten spots, 8 to be precise. For Craig Alexander this was his second 70.3 World Championship title and when added on to his two Ironman World Championships that makes for quite an impressive resume. Melissa Rollison stormed onto the 70.3 scene this year and delivered in Las Vegas what quite a few had predicted, but the for the speedy Aussie this was her first World title. But there was much more going on race day.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com

The bags are ready for action in Las Vegas.

In transition Paul Ambrose with a sunscreen war paint look.

Andy Potts envisioning the swim a bit away from the rest of the Pros.

While Filip Ospaly looked quit serious at the swim start, Craig Alexander and Luke McKenzie are sharing a laugh.

Leanda Cave in deep thoughts before her race best swim.

A beautiful morning greeted the athletes in Las Vegas.

Andy Potts was first out of the water and first out on the bike.

Raynard Tissink was riding hard in Las Vegas.

Not even a flat could stop Crowie from taking the title today.

As expected Chris Lieto hammered the bike.

Julie Dibens also rode well today and was first back to T2.

Many eyes were on Melissa Rollison to see if she could fulfill expectations.

The fastest bike split though belonged to Karin Thuerig.

Craig Alexander was running very fast and recorded a 1:11:50 half marathon split on a run course that wasn't easy.

Melissa Rollison took charge on the run and was flying along.

Linsey Corbin had a great race in Las Vegas and finished 3rd.

The second 70.3 World Championship title for Crowie was even sweeter.

And we have a first time World Champion, but this won't be the last title for Rollison.

Meanwhile the volunteers were still busy along the course.

Things really fell in place today for Jeff Symonds and he was thrilled with third place.