A 2012 Norseman gallery

Enjoy this amazing gallery from the 2012 Norseman Extreme Triathlon, an event that ought to be on everyone's bucket list.

The 2012 event was won by Norwegian Henrik Oftedal and German Annett Finger in course record times, plus this 10th anniversary edition featured events both on August 4th and 5th.

All images courtesy of nxtri.com

The calm before the storm.

Woah, that is much further down than I had imagined.

Cruising over to the swim start.

And they are off.

Bjorn Anderson led the field during the swim.

Finally on land again.

2005 champion and course record holder Bjorn Anderssen continued to lead on the bike but pulled out during the bike segment.

Ivan Christophersen enjoying a bit of sunshine.

The course here is absolutely stunning.

2010 champion Henrik Oftedal had the race best bike split this year.

We may have mentioned it before, but this venue is amazing.

A bit of fog.

We are in Norway after all.

There is quite a bit of climbing to do.

Tom Remman led the race early on during the run.

Henrik Oftedal though soon took over.

The 2012 Norseman champion Henrik Oftedal.

The women's champion Annett Finger smashed the course record.

It ain't easy, that is for sure.