A Rev3 Portland gallery

Richie Cunningham and Angela Naeth took the titles at the 2012 Revolution3 Triathlon in Portland, Oregon and here is a gallery from the day.

All images courtesy and © Rev3 Portland

The transition area in Portland.

Jordan Rapp looks very focused.

And they are off.

More athletes await their start in Portland.

Brian Fleischmann exiting the water.

Becky Lavelle was second out of the water in the women's race.

Richie Cunningham had a very nice 2:17:49 bike split.

Jennifer Luebke in transition.

The fastest bike split in Portland came from Jesse Thomas.

Aussie Paul Matthews on the way to 7th place.

Jordan Rapp was 6 seconds slower than Thomas on the bike on the day.

Full throttle effort for Terenzo Bozzone.

Angela Naeth had the fastest bike split in the women's field with a time of 2:28:30

Richie Cunningham had to run hard with Jesse Thomas inching closer and closer.

Victor Zyemtsev's 1:11:16 run was awesome and allowed him to take third place.

About 23 seconds from 1st place.

Lauren Goss on the way to third place.

And the winner is Richie Cunningham.

A fourth place today for Becky Lavelle.

The 2012 Rev3 Portland champion Angela Naeth.