Americans on top in Miami

Matt Chrabot won the 2010 Miami International Triathlon in a time of 1:46:29 and beat a pretty stellar field that included Chris Lieto, Matty Reed and Bevan Docherty among many others. The women's title was captured by Sarah Haskins in a time of 1:58:16.

The men

Brazilian Pro Paulo Henrique De Abreu led the men in the swim and he was chased by Graham O'Grady and John Kenny. But only a few seconds behind them were Bevan Docherty, Matty Reed, Matt Chrabot and Brian Fleischmann.

Chrabot pushed the pace on the bike and his 54:27 bike split was the 3rd fastest among the Pros. Behind him though Chris Lieto and Andrey Yoder managed to to add another gear and earn the fastest to splits of the day. Their 52:58 and 53:44 respective times were fast enough to get them back to T2 in front. Matty Reed was surprisingly not riding as strong as usually and said to slowtwitch "Just haven't done enough intensity on the bike. Really just fitness not quite ready yet! Need some TT's with Lance Armstrong. Bigger fish down the river. The boys ahead were much fitter on the bike. They all smoked it! Congrats to them."

Reed though seemed to find his legs on the run as he clocked the fastest time with his 32:06 run split. Chrabot's 32:37 time allowed him to run past Yoder and Lieto and onto the very top of the podium. Lieto hung on to second place and Reed grabbed third place.

"The win was absolutely amazing. With guys like Chris Lieto, Matty Reed, and Bevan Docherty, competition was very tough and training hasn't been the greatest this year," added Chrabot. "Just cracking onto the podium was my goal heading in on race day. Once the race was underway, I quickly got into the groove and just punched it on the bike."

The women

It was no surprise that Sara McLarty and Hayley Peirsol exited the swim pretty much together and with a bit of daylight between them and their pursuers other than Sarah Haskins.

Not satisfied with a fast swim only, McLarty rode her bike very well and her 1:02:13 split was only beaten by Jillian Petersen's 1:01:27. Haskins also looked very good on the bike and managed to be only 3 seconds slower than McLarty. Peirsol got back into T2 in fourth position despite losing more than 2 minutes on the leading three.

Out on that 10k run, Haskins finally got away from McLarty. Her 36:26 run time was the fastest among the women gave her the 2010 Miami Internation Triathlon title with a comfortable margin. Petersen added a second fastest run time to her top bike split and that gave her second place. McLarty's fine performances during the swim and bike gave her the final podium spot.

"It is still very early season, but Miami is a great race to test your fitness and see where you stand," said Haskins. "I was pleased with a solid performance in all three disciplines and now will begin more race specific training leading into my first World Championship Series race in Sydney, April 11th."

Miami International Triathlon
Miami, FL
March 14
1.5k swim / 40k bike / 10k run


Top 10 men

1. Matt Chrabot (USA) 1:46:29
2. Chris Lieto (USA) 1:48:00
3. Matty Reed (USA) 1:48:14
4. Bevan Docherty (NZL) 1:48:34
5. Andrew Yoder (USA) 1:48:47
6. Graham O'Grady (USA) 1:50:17
7. Richie Cunningham (AUS) 1:51:08
8. Maksym Kriat (UKR) 1:51:11
9. Paulo Henrique De Abreu (BRA) 1:51:16
10. Fabio Carvalho (BRA) 1:52:21

Top 10 women

1. Sarah Haskins (USA) 1:58:16
2. Jillian Petersen 2:00:00
3. Sara McLarty (USA) 2:02:13
4. Hayley Peirsol (USA) 2:02:32
5. Mary-Beth Ellis (USA) 2:04:38
6. Rebecca Witinok-Huber (USA) 2:06:20
7. Tamara Kozulina (UKR) 2:06:23
8. Bethany Handley (USA) 2:07:40
9. Amanda Hahn (USA) 2:10:54
10. Ashley Morgan (USA) 2:11:05