And the Patagonman XTRI delivered

The Patagonman Xtreme Triathlon took place this past weekend and 145 athletes from all over the world traveled to Chile to experience this scenic and challenging race venue. The organizers of Patagonman would like it to be an official part of the Xtri World Tour, and word has it that they put on a worthy show. At this time however they are considered a Prospect Race. Mauricio Mendez and Lucy Gossage were the 2018 champions and the feedback from the starters was apparently and not surprisingly positive. The air temperatures moved up to a comfortable 18 degrees Celsius but the wind kept showing up - adding to the challenge.

Stunning waterfalls and other beautiful views awaited athletes in Chile. But no said it was going to be easy. Marc and Gayle Hoffmeister traveled all the way from Missouri to experience this event, and are seen here crossing this bridge. Marc is currently in the US Army in Fort Leonard Wood and Gayle is a vet.

Earlier that day competitors got on a ferry to get ready for an early morning start. The winds were quite strong in the morning but calmed down during the swim.

Similar to the better known XTRI events such as Norseman and Swissmann, the Patagonman XTRI delivered stunning scenery right away, and there was not much of a traffic jam in the water either.

Headed towards the mountains, with no one else in sight.

XTERRA super star Mauricio Mendez took charge of the race early on with a race best 47:29 swim and his 4:55:18 bike split left him in great position for the run.

Sergio Ferreira Junior from Brazil here tackling tricky a tricky plastered road section on the way to a 13:32:13 time and 56th place overall.

Caution - angry dog.

In these Xtreme Triathlon events it is pretty rare to have another athlete so close by.

Sometimes nature really dwarfs us - but when the eye is on the prize it is not always obvious.

Racing past waterfalls on the way to T2,

The run course was challenging in other ways. "Run was hot with dusty trails reflecting the sun increasing the tough nature of the steep trails," said Stuart McInnes of the XTRI World Tour.

Brit Jo Davies was the 6th placed female in 13:09:38.

Fellow Brit Lucy Gossage captured the women's title 10:21:21 and that meant 6th place overall.

These types of races are all about personal challenges and not about personal records. Tristin Suhonen is a Marine vet from Wisconsin and fully focused on the task.

Javiera Elisa Gainza Acevedo on the way to second place in the female division. This Chilean however was almost 2 hours behind Lucy Gossage.

The trails were dusty but everyone seemed to have a good time.

Digging deep into the suitcase of courage.

And the champion Mauricio Mendez rings the bell after 8:52:02. Allan Hovda finished in second place about 20 minutes behind the champion.

Results 2018 Patagonman XTRI

Top 5 men

1. Mauricio Mendez (MEX) 8:52:02
2. Allan Hovda (NOR) 9:12:11
3. Jose Luis Rodriguez (CHL) 9:38:30
4. Mark Livesay (GBR) 10:07:29
5. Romain Babin (CHL) 10:18:15

Top 5 women

1. Lucy Gossage (GBR) 10:21:27
2. Javiera Elisa Gainza Acevedo (CHL) 12:15:08
3. Livia Mendes (BRA) 12:23:57
4. Maricruz Larrea (CHL) 12:38:09
5. Krystina Skupienova (CZE) 12:43:20

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