Another epic Norseman day

203 men and 47 women braved the tough 2016 Norseman Xtreme Triathlon conditions and when it was all said and done Lars Petter Stormo and Kari Flottorp Lingsom grabbed the coveted wins. Kristin Lie and Viviana Hiis grabbed the other podium spots in the women's race and Henrik Oftedal and Lars Christian Vold did so in the men's race. The next 154 athletes returned to their native countries with a hard earned black Norseman shirt, as did the top podium finishers. All other finishers received a white Norseman shirt to remember the pain and unique experience of this stunning event in Norway. Defending men's champion Allan Hovda dropped out early after he coughed up blood, and we wish him a speedy recovery. But now enjoy these stunning images from the 2016 Norseman event.

An early morning cold shower aboard the ferry that takes the athletes to the swim start ensures that athletes are ready for the cold plunge.

It is still very dark outside when the Norseman starters ease into the cold and deep water of this fjord.

It is a long and challenging 2.4 mile swim to the first transition.

The Norseman crew gives a helping hand to the athletes exiting the cold water.

Rain and chilly temperatures welcomed the 250 athletes and their crews on the challenging bike course.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed these hills.

Lights and safety vests are important and are required early on.

What goes up must eventually come down and we promise you, it is not an easy descent.

The support crews are a welcome sight for these Norseman athletes.

Lars Petter Stormo had a tough battle on hand but he hung in tough to grab the win.

The early sections of the marathon course are relatively flat, but all good things come to those who wait.

This perspective gives everyone a pretty clear idea of the ruggedness of this course.

There is always time for a gesture of appreciation for the support team.

Kari Flottorp Lingsom with giant steps towards the women's title.

The pain of this effort is very obvious here.

Up, up and up we go.

No matte which endurance event you go to, there is a big chance to encounter Petr Vabrousek.

Completely wiped out with everything left on the course. But it was all worth it.

Yeah. Kari Flottorp Lingsom enjoys the finish here on top of the Gaustatoppen.