Arena Games World Championship Launching in 2022

Super League Triathlon and World Triathlon have announced a long-term strategic partnership to create and grow a triathlon esports series. The partnership will see the two combine efforts to crown a Triathlon Esport World Champion. The series will be called Arena Games Triathlon powered by Zwift. As you can probably guess from the series name, races will be taking place on Zwift.

Although light on initial details, one can imagine that the race formats will likely be similar to what we saw out of the Arena Games events earlier this year. The partnership will see qualifying events for various ranked athletes and national federations so as to be able to qualify for the final race, which will award the Esport World Championship.

This effort also marks triathlon's first push to follow the Olympic Committee's aspirations of creating various Olympic Virtual Series (and, likely, Esports at the Olympics).