Bozzone, Seymour hottest in Los Cabos

Terenzo Bozzone of New Zealand posted the fastest swim, bike and run splits while Jeanni Seymour of South Africa ran down Angela Naeth of Canada to win the pro titles at Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos.

Bozzone combined race-best 24:19 swim, 2:05:18 bike, and 1:13:20 half marathon run splits to finish in 3:45:34 with a 3:51 margin of victory over Matt Chrabot of the U.S. and 5:29 over 3rd-place Kevin Collington of the U.S.

Seymour overcame a 2:36 deficit after the swim and a 4:23 gap after the bike leg with a women’s-fastest 1:22:07 run to finish in 4:18:23 with a 13 seconds margin on Angela Naeth of Canada and 2:57 on 3rd-place Carrie Lester of Australia.


Bozzone, coming off a 6th place finish at Kona, led the swim with a 24:19 split which gave him a 1 second lead on Chrabot, 2 seconds on Timothy O’Donnell, 6 seconds on Kevin Collington, 58 seconds on Luke McKenzie, 1:01 on Jackson laundry of Canada, 1:04 on Francisco Serrano of Mexico, and 1:51 on Taylor Reid of Canada.

After 35 miles of the bike leg, Bozzone led Chrabot by 4 seconds and the trio of O’Connell, Collington, and Laundry by a little under 2 minutes. Not entirely out of contention were McKenzie, Kennett Peterson and Reid at 4:44 through 4:48 arrears. After a race-best 2:05:18 bike split, Bozzone led Chrabot (2:05:34 split) by 17 seconds, Laundry by 1:33, O’Donnell by 2:24, and Collington by 2:37.

Bozzone, totally on form, jetted out of T2 to a by-far race-best 1:13:20 half marathon which brought him to the finish in 3:45:34 with a 3:51 margin of victory over Chrabot (1:16:45 run) and 5:29 on Collington (2nd-best 1:16:01 run).


Super-swimmer Lauren Brandon of the U.S. led out of the water after a 25:04 split that gave her a 1:10 lead on Lindsey Jerdonek, 1:53 on Shirley Treleaven, 2:36 on Seymour, 2:40 on Rachel McBride, 2:44 on Carrie Lester, and 4:41 on the perennially tardy swim of Angela Naeth.

After a women’s 2nd-fastest 2:21:08 swim, McBride led at T2 with a 10 seconds margin on Naeth’s race-best bike split (2:19:12), 1:16 on Brandon (2:25:02 bike split), 1:31 on Jerdonek, 1:44 on Lester, and a daunting 4:23 deficit on Seymour.

After 10km of the run, Naeth opened a minute lead on McBride, 1:18 on Lester, and 1:19 on hard-charging Seymour. At 15km of the run, Seymour advanced to 2nd and whittled McBride’s margin to 30 seconds. At 17.4km, Seymour inexorably reduced her gap to 8 seconds while Lester trailed by 1:52 and McBride carried on 2:31 arrears. Naeth fought hard and only surrendered to the South African in the final kilometers

After a women's fastest 1:22:07 half marathon, Seymour crossed the line in 4:18:23 with a 13 seconds margin on Naeth (1:26:24) and a 2:57 margin on 3rd place Carrie Lester (1:27:31).

Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos
Los Cabos, Mexico
November 12, 2017
S 1.2 mi. / B 56 mi. / R 13.1 mi.



1. Terenzo Bozzone (NZL) 3:45:34 S 24:19 B 2:05:18 R 1:13:20
2. Matt Chrabot (USA) 3:49:25 S 24:20 B 2:05:34 R 1:16:45
3. Kevin Collington (USA) 3:51:03 S 24:25 B 2:07:55 R 1:16:01
4. Tim O’Donnell (USA) 3:51:43 S 24:21 B 2:07:42 R 1:16:55
5. Jackson Laundry (CAN) 3:55:53 S 25:19 B 2:06:51 R 1:20:59


1. Jeanni Seymour (RSA) 4:18:23 S 27:39 B 2:25:43 R 1:22:07
2. Angela Naeth (CAN) 4:18:36 S 29:44 B 2:19:12 R 1:26:24
3. Carrie Lester (AUS) 4:21:20 S 27:47 B 2:22:42 R 1:27:31
4. Rachel McBride (CAN) 4:22:50 S 27:43 B 2:21:08 R 1:30:43
5. Lindsey Jerdonek (USA) 4:25:54 S 26:13 B 2:24:10 R 1:32:27