Carfrae, Laundry prevail at Mont-Tremblant 70.3

Mirinda Carfrae of Australia appears to be back at top fitness as she dominated on the bike and run to cruise to victory over a strong women’s field at Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant. Carfrae is now the Queen of Canadian 70.3s, as she backed up her win at Victoria 70.3 earlier this month.

Canadian Jackson Laundry rode a dominating bike split and a speedy half marathon to a 2:26 margin of victory over fellow Canadian Brent McMahon at Mont-Tremblant. Laundry thus topped off a gradual improvement in 70.3 results that began with a 3rd at St. George and a 2nd at Chattanooga this year.


Jennifer Spieldenner of the U.S. led the pro women’s swim wave with a 24:50 split that gave her a 3 seconds lead on Alaskan Kinsey Laine, 5 seconds on American Lauren Goss, 11 seconds on Meredith Kessler of the U.S., 53 seconds on Rachel McBride of Canada, 2:06 on Carfrae and 2:57 on Amber Ferreira of the U.S.

After one third of the 90 kilometer bike leg, Goss led by 7 seconds on McBride, 18 seconds on Carfrae, 21 seconds on Kessler, 24 seconds on Spieldenner, 29 seconds on Laine and just over 3 minutes on Davis-Hayes and Ferreira.

In the next 30 kilometers, Carfrae put her stamp on the race as she surged away to a 2:09 lead on Goss, 2:34 on Laine, 2:37 on Spieldenner, 3:01 on Kessler, 4:08 on Davis-Hayes, 4:38 on Ferreira and 5:45 on McBride.

After a women’s-best 2:21:07 bike split, Carfrae arrived at T2 with a 3:54 lead on Goss, 4:10 on Spieldenner, 4:25 on Davis-Hayes, 5:49 on McBride and 5:42 on Kessler.

Halfway through the half marathon, Carfrae maintained a 3:58 lead on Goss and pulled further away on the rest – 6:54 on Spieldenner, 7:00 on Davis-Hayes, 8:03 on Kessler and 8:49 on McBride.

After a women’s-best 1:20:04 run split, Carfrae finished in 4:11:51 with a 6:29 margin of victory over Goss and 9:32 on 3rd place finisher Kessler.


Eric Lagerstrom of the U.S. led the pro men with a 22:48 swim split that gave him a 5 seconds lead on Hunter Lussi of the U.S., 24 seconds on Brent McMahon of Canada, 39 seconds on Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches of Canada and Felipe Van De Wyngard of Chile, 47 seconds on Andrew Yoder of the U.S. and 1:29 on Taylor Reid of Canada.

After 33km of the bike leg, Jackson Laundry and Andrew Yoder worked together to open a 30 seconds lead on a pack of four that included Lussi, Lagerstrom, McMahon and Van de Wyngard, with a Taylor Reid riding alone 1:30 back of the leaders.

By 80 kilometers, Laundry and Yoder opened a 1:43 to 2:28 lead on Lussi, McMahon, Van de Wyngard and Lagerstrom.

After a race-best 2:06:31 bike split, Laundry arrived in T2 with an 11 seconds lead on Yoder, with Lussi, Lagerstrom, McMahon and Van de Wyngard arriving 2:09 to 2:41 arrears.

Halfway through the run, Laundry opened a 2:23 lead on Yoder, 2:48 on McMahon, 2:50 on Lagerstrom, 4:40 on Lussi, 6:11 on Van de Wyngard and 6:50 on Reid.

After a 1:14:31 run split, Laundry finished in 3:48:25 with a 2:26 margin of victory over McMahon (1:14:33 run) and 4:17 on 3rd place Lagerstrom. Yoder, who surged into contention with a 2nd-fastest 2:07:15 bike split, fell to 4th place with a 1:19:06 run split that brought him to the line 4:51 behind the winner.

Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant
Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
June 23, 2019
S 1.2 mi. / B 56 mi. / R 13.1 mi.



1. Mirinda Carfrae (AUS) 4:11:51 S 27:01 T1 2:22 B 2:21:07 T2 1:19 R 1:20:04
2. Lauren Goss (USA) 4:18:20 S 24:54 T1 2:21 B 2:27:09 T2 1:07 R 1:22:51
3. Meredith Kessler (USA) 4:21:23 S 25:00 T1 2:28 B 2:28:56 T2 1:17 R 1:23:44
4. Jennifer Spieldenner (USA) 4:22:40 S 24:50 T1 2:18 B 2:27:32 T2 1:16 R 1:26:46
5. Cecilia Davis-Hayes (USA) 4:23:59 S 29:35 T1 2:25 B 2:22:55 T2 1:08 R 1:27:58


1. Jackson Laundry (CAN) 3:48:25 S 24:18 T1 2:08 B 2:06:31 T2 00:59 R 1:14:31
2. Brent McMahon (CAN) 3:50:51 S 23:11 T1 2:03 B 2:10:12 T2 00:54 R 1:14:33
3. Eric Lagerstrom (USA) 3:52:42 S 22:48 T1 2:07 B 2:10:31 T2 00:56 R 1:16:23
4. Andrew Yoder (USA) 3:53:16 S 23:35 T1 2:17 B 2:07:15 T2 1:05 R 1:19:06
5. Taylor Reid (CAN) 3:55:35 S 24:16 T1 2:11 B 2:13:35 T2 00:52 R 1:14:44