Chrissie Wellington shocks experts as she wins the 2007 Ford Ironman World Championships.

Racing as an age grouper in 2006, Chrissie Wellington (GBR) came to Kona as a Pro and grabbed the 2007 Word Champion title as previous champions faltered.

Defending champion Michellie Jones (AUS) was leading early on in the swim but soon after Linda Gallo (USA) took over. Gallo was then also pretty much ahead of the whole men’s field. Next in line were Joanna Zeiger (USA), Leanda Cave (GBR) and Dede Griesbauer (USA) and this is how they would arrive in T1.

The biggest news early on during the bike was that multi champion Natascha Badmann (SUI) had apparently crashed and had lost a serious amount of time. Meanwhile though the race was shaping up and by mile 10 Leanda Cave started to take charge on her bike. Cave slowly eased away from her competitors and by mile 30 she had almost a minute gap on Griesbauer and 2:25 plus on Michellie Jones and Katja Schumacher (GER). As she reached Hawi Cave’s margin was 2 minutes and Badmann had called it a day due to injuries she had sustained in her crash. As the leader reached mile marker 73 the name Chrissie Wellington (GBR) appeared for the first time in the top 10. By mile 90 Wellington had moved into 3rd place and Michellie Jones had called it a day. A few miles later Wellington moved into the lead and would eventually reach T2 first.

Once on the run Wellington seemed to fly and she was followed by Griesbauer and Cave. A bit further back were Major, Lawn and McGlone and they were running hard. By mile 9 of the run Wellington had increased her lead and was now 6:15 ahead of McGlone and another 50 seconds in front of Major. Wellington then pretty much maintained that gap over second place and eventually crossed the finish line first in a time of 9:08:45. This victory meant the first Ironman World Champion title for her and her home country of Great Britain. Samantha McGlone finished second and Kate Major rounded out the podium.

Top 10 women

1. Chrissie Wellington (GBR) 9:08:45
2. Samantha McGlone (CAN) 9:14:04
3. Kate Major (AUS) 9:19:13
4. Joanna Lawn (NZL) 9:26:47
5. Rebecca Preston (AUS) 9:26:55
6. Rebekah Keat (AUS) 9:27:19
7. Dede Griesbauer (USA) 9:33:34
8. Leanda Cave (GBR) 9:36:10
9. Belinda Granger (AUS) 9:37:54
10. Erika Czomor (HUN) 9:39:47