Collington, Seymour master Monterrey 70.3

Kevin Collington of the U.S. combined a 3rd-best swim, a 5th-fastest bike split and the day’s fastest run to edge Tyler Butterfield by 25 seconds for the men’s win at Ironman 70.3 Monterrey.

As usual Andrew Starykowicz of the U.S. emerged from the swim close to the front, then turned on his supercharged bike powers to post a sizzling fast 1:57:23 cycling split that gave him a 2 minutes lead on a pack of four that included Francisco Serrano of Mexico (second-fastest 1:59:19 bike split), Tyler Butterfield of Bermuda, Sylvain Sudrie of France and Collington.

Collington started the run with a 2:09 deficit to bike leader Starykowicz, passed all four men including top threat Tyler Butterfield of Bermuda by 4.4 kilometers. Collington closed with a race-best 1:15:08 run to finish in 3:42:09 with a 25 seconds margin of victory over Butterfield and 2:56 over 3rd-place finisher Francisco Serrano of Mexico.

Starykowicz finished with a 1:26:20 run to finish 8th in 3:51:35.

The victory was Collington’s fifth at the half Ironman distance, coming after 2016 wins at Challenge Iceland and Busan 70.3, and victories at 2015 Challenge Williamsburg and 2014 Challenge Rancho Cordova.

Jeanni Seymour of South Africa combined a women’s 5th-fastest swim, 4th-quickest bike split and 3rd-best run to finish in 4:07:51 with a 4:56 margin of victory over Liz Lyles of the U.S. and 5:18 over 3rd place finisher Lauren Goss of the U.S.

Seymour began her day with a women’s 5th-best 26:51 swim that put her 2:22 behind swim leader Lauren Brandon, 1:50 behind rival Lauren Goss of the U.S., tied with Leanda Cave of Great Britain, 2:37 ahead of Liz Lyles of the U.S. and 7:13 ahead of super-slow swimmer and super-fast runner Ruth Brennan Morrey of the U.S. (34:03 swim).

Seymour’s women's 4th-fastest 2:16:38 bike split cut Brandon’s lead to 1:44 but gave her a 1:08 advantage on Lauren Goss (2:19:40 ride) and 1:27 on Liz Lyles. (women’s 2nd-best 2:15:11 bike split).

Halfway through the run, Seymour held a 2:34 lead on Lyles, 3:16 on Goss, 5:49 on Brandon, 6:13 on Allison Linnell, 7:49 on Leanda Cave and 9:12 on Brennan Morrey.

After a women’s 3rd-fastest 1:21:42 run, Seymour finished in 4:07:51 with a 4:56 margin of victory over Lyles (1:25:05 run), 5:18 over 3rd-place Goss (1:25:56 run), and 6:18 over 4th place Brennan Morrey, who closed with a women’s-best 1:18:04 run.

Seymour’s win was her 5th at the Ironman 70.3 distance, coming after victories at Austin in 2015, Austin and Xiamen in 2016 and Ironman 70.3 Liuzhou this year. The best indicator of Seymour’s current fitness was her recent 2nd place finish at the Ironman 70.3 North American Championship in St. George.

Ironman 70.3 Monterrey
Monterrey, Mexico
May 14, 2017
S1.2 mi. / B 56 mi. / R 13.1 mi.



1. Kevin Collington (USA) 3:42:09
2. Tyler Butterfield (BER) 3:42:34
3. Francisco Serrano (MEX) 3:45:05
4. Cody Beals (CAN) 3:46:22
5. Sylvain Sudrie (FRA) 3:48:23
6. Mauricio Mendez (MEX) 3:48:29
7. Richie Cunningham (USA) 3:50:20
8. Andrew Starykowicz (USA) 3:51:35
9. Felipe Van De Wyngard (CHL) 3:53:07
10. Alan Carrillo Avila (MEX) 3:55:00


1. Jeanni Seymour (RSA) 4:07:51
2. Liz Lyles (USA) 4:12:47
3. Lauren Goss (USA) 4:13:08
4. Ruth Brennan Morrey (USA) 4:14:09
5. Lesley Smith (USA) 4:14:15
6. Sue Huse (CAN) 4:15:39
7. Allison Linnell (USA) 4:18:18
8. Lauren Brandon (USA) 4:20:11
9. Leanda Cave (GBR) 4:21:07
10. Alissa Doehla (USA) 4:24:14