Collins, Wassner take NYC Tri

Ben Collins took the win at the 2011 Nautica New York City Triathlon ahead of Greg Bennett and Tim Reed. In the women's race, defending champion Rebeccah Wassner reeled in Jenna Parker on the run to take the victory.

"I'm really happy to have won the race again this year-- for my friends and family and for all of the triathletes of New York City. What I'm most happy about is that I was finally able to rely on my run. When I came off the bike, I had the confidence that I was going to be able to push myself in the run. This hasn't been the case in a long, long time (due to injuries)," said Rebeccah Wassner to slowtwitch. "I did my first workout since April last week, and I did it with Laurel on the race course. This proved to be really helpful yesterday because I knew exactly how I would be feeling on the hills. Too bad Laurel got a penalty on the bike. Otherwise, I'm sure it would have come down to a battle on the run. We raced a sprint race as a tune up 2 weeks ago on a course that was very similar to the NYC Tri. In that race, we finished just 10 seconds apart."

Asked about the tragic circumstances at the NYC Triathlon, Wassner added: "We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the families of Michael Kudryk and the woman who suffered a heart attacks during the swim. I don't know the specifics of what happened, but I do know that the race organizers took all of the necessary precautions to make the swim as safe as possible. The Hudson was choppier than usual due to a strong wind, but the water was cleaner and more clear than it has been in the past."

Nautica NYC Triathlon
New York City, NY / August 7, 2011

Top men

1. Ben Collins (USA) 1:48:11
2. Greg Bennett (USA) 1:49:05
3. Tim Reed (AUS) 1:50:50
4. David Thompson (USA) 1:51:11
5. Kevin Collington (USA) 1:51:58
6. Dylan McNeice (NZL) 1:52:57
7. Joshua Amberger (AUS) 1:53:13
8. Kevin Everett (USA) 1:53:29
9. James Duff (USA) 1:53:50
10. Jared Woodford (USA) 1:53:57

Top women

1. Rebeccah Wassner (USA) 2:03:19
2. Jenna Parker (USA) 2:04:01
3. Amy Bevilacqua (USA) 2:05:05
4. Margaret Shapiro (USA) 2:05:53
5. Evelyne Blouin (CAN) 2:06:52
6. Becky Lavelle (USA) 2:08:50
7. Kristin White (USA) 2:10:01
8. Laurel Wassner (USA) 2:10:33
9. Charisa Wernick (USA) 2:11:03
10. Mandy McLane (USA) 2:11:49