Cunningham, Kelleher win Rev3 Wisconsin

Richie Cunningham of Australia and Nicole Kelleher of the U.S. won the men’s and women’s titles at the half Iron distance Rev3 Wisconsin.

Cunningham earned his third Rev3 half Ironman distance title with a 4:00:40 finish that gave him a 5:55 margin over runner-up Kyle Leto of Boulder, Colorado and 4:05 over 3rd place Brandon Marsh of Austin, Texas.

Cunningham combined a 7th-best 26:16 swim, 2nd-best 2:18:42 bike and a race-best 1:13:15 half marathon run to earn his third Rev3 half Ironman distance title in 2012 after victories at Quassy and Portland.

Kelleher earned her second Rev3 title of 2012 with a 4:27:41 finish that gave her a 5:55 margin of victory over runner-up Jessica Meyers of Tulsa, Oklahoma and 6:12 over Lauren Goss of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Kelleher combined a 5th-best 27:58 swim, race-fastest 2:34:04 bike split and a race-best 1:22:55 run to take her second Rev3 victory after winning Rev3 Costa Rica.

Kelleher, the 2009 USA Triathlon Collegiate National Champion and 3rd place finisher at the 2010 USA Triathlon pro nationals, has also had a busy 2012 season in which she has placed 5th at Rev3 Knoxville, 4th at Memphis in May, and 5th at Rev3 Portland.

Rev3 Wisconsin
The Dells, Wisconsin
August 12, 2012
S 1.2 mi. / B 56 mi. / R 13.1 mi.


Pro Men

1. Richie Cunningham (AUS) 4:00:40
2. Kyle Leto (USA) 4:03:33
3. Brandon Marsh (USA) 4:04:45
4. James Hadley (GBR) 4:06:55
5. Matthew Pellow (AUS) 4:08:45
6. Devon Palmer (USA) 4:09:07
7. Patrick Davis (USA) 4:15:40
8. Thomas Gerlach (USA) 4:21:15
9. Alan Baucco (USA) 4:21:17
10. Jared Milam (USA) 4:22:32

Pro Women

1. Nicole Kelleher (USA) 4:27:41
2. Jessica Meyers (USA)4:33:36
3. Lauren Goss (USA) 4:33:53
4. Malaika Homo (USA) 4:36:25
5. Charisa Wernick (USA) 4:42:00
6. Jackie Arendt USA 4:42:50
7. Jessica Smith (USA) 4:44:43
8. Lisa Ribes (USA) 4:49:56
9. Katie Menzies (USA) 4:52:34