Dallas US Open Pro bikes

Quite a few fast Pros gathered this morning in Dallas to race the Toyota US Open race and here are some of Pro bikes from the event.

Javier Gomez and Lisa Norden were the winners of this prestigious race.

All images © Eric Wynn / Life Time Fitness Triathlon

The race winning Specialized Shiv of Lisa Norden.

The Felt DA of David Thompson.

Andrew Yoder's Trek Speed Concept.

The Fuji D6 of Sara McLarty

Laurel Wassner's Cervelo P3

The Kestrel 4000 LTD of Andy Potts.

Alicia Kaye's Scott Plasma

The Fuji D6 of runner-up Sarah Haskins.

The Specialized Shiv of Kristen Peterson

Cameron Dye's Kestrel 400 LTD

The son of Tony Karklins of Orbea managed to sneak into the photo shoot.