Dye, Haskins win Philadelphia Triathlon

Cameron Dye of Boulder, Colorado and Sarah Haskins of Clermont, Florida won the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon, which is part of the Life Time Fitness / Toyota Challenge Series.

After the top two contenders virtually tied the swim, Dye’s race-best 54:37 bike split outweighed Andy Potts’s race-fastest 32:52 run by just enough to give the Boulder, Colorado athlete the victory. After Dye’s bike split bested Potts by 2:15, Potts’ run took back 1:38. Dye held on to win in 1:48:48 and, with an additional 7 seconds faster in transitions, earn a 47-seconds margin of victory.

Ben Collins was third, 13 seconds back of Potts.

With several top women pros including Jenna Parker, Alicia Kaye and Lauren Goss DQ’d for accidentally cutting the swim course, Sarah Haskins swept to a 6:06 margin of victory over Sara McLarty and 10:11 margin over 3rd place Jennifer Tetrick.

Haskins combined a 2nd-best 17:09 swim, 1:01:06 bike and 37:39 run to finish in 1:58:42.
McLarty swam 16:52, biked 1:03:22 and ran 41:29 to finish in 2:04:48. Tetrick swam 21:45, biked 1:03:39 and ran 39:48 to finish in 2:08:53.

According to Life Time Fitness Triathlon official Daniel Brienza, several pro women swimmers became confused by yellow buoys placed at a bridge and made a U-turn before reaching the proper turnaround buoy several hundred yards past the bridge. Brienza said that, with just 5 professional women finishing the race, the five disqualified pro women would be credited with positions 6 through 10 for purposes of Life Time Fitness series points.

Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 12, 2012
S 1.5 k / B 40k / R 10k



1. Cameron Dye (USA) 1:48:48
2. Andy Potts (USA) 1:49:35
3. Ben Collins (USA) 1:49:48
4. Tyler Butterfield (BER) 1:51:12
5. Matty Reed (USA) 1:53:58
6. Kyle Leto (USA) 1:55:08
7. Kevin Collington (USA) 1:56:23
8. Holden Comeau (USA) 1:57:05
9. Matthew Pellow (AUS) 1:57:35
10. Daniel Eckel (USA) 1:58:03


1. Sarah Haskins (USA) 1:58:42
2. Sara McLarty (USA) 2:04:48
3. Jennifer Tetrick (USA) 2:08:53
4. Allison Stewart (USA) 2:15:58 * Female Elite
5. Stephanie Ewert (USA) 2:16:41 * Female Elite
6. Caitlin Dorgan (USA) 2:16:55 * F20-24
7. Heather Leiggi (USA) 2:17:31
8. Ginny Cataldi (USA) 2:20:29 * F35-39
9. Joanna Trexler (USA) 2:20:51
10. Kenna Moran (USA) 2:20:54 * F35-39