Europeans take U.S. Open

Javier Gomez moved from ITU racing over to the Toyota Cup, featuring a no-draft bike format, as he has occasion to do. The former triathlon world champ from Spain is successful at either style of racing, and he proved it again on Sunday, winning the Toyota U.S. Open Triathlon in Dallas by throwing down the fast run of the day by a minute.

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Sweden's Lisa Norden rode her bike only 5 minutes slower than Cameron Dye, and 3 minutes slower than Javier Gomez, winning her second Toyota Cup race in two weeks, and handing Sarah Haskins her first Toyota Cup loss this year—Haskins had won in her previous four starts.

Andy Potts did just enough to hang onto his Toyota Cup Series lead and walk away with a new Toyota and a wad of cash. His Toyota Cup Series total was 55 to Cameron Dye's 54. But in holding off Andy Potts at the finish by 17 seconds, Dye secured 2nd place in the series standings over Greg Bennett. Those 17 seconds was worth $4,725 in series and race money to Dye. He'll need it. He's two days into his tenure as a new father, and baby needs a new pair of shoes.

Haskins easily won the women's series, and Alicia Kaye took home second in the series.

The day started well and shrewdly for Gomez, as he alone took the straight line along the buoys after the gun sounded. The rest of the men's field lined up behind Potts, and when the super swimmer realized his mistake and was forced to sprint to get up to Gomez, only Cameron Dye was able to hang.

Dye himself was a casualty, as the hard pace finally forced him off by halfway through the swim.

Still, Dye exited the water only :15 down on Potts and Gomez, who came out together. The Spaniard held the lead on the bike for several miles, but Dye's withering bike speed finally broke everyone, Gomez included. Only Greg Bennett was able to ride within :30 of Dye's bike split.

By T2 it was Dye, with Gomez and Bennett about a minute back. That's not usually enough of a cushion for Dye and it wasn't today either. Dye finished third behind Bennett's runner-up placing. Potts was 4th with Filip Ospaly 5th.

Haskins never had a chance against Norden, finishing 1:51 behind Norden's 1:59:03. Haskins has had a long season, and her usual snap was not in evidence. Maybe her Toyota's new car smell will help her get it back. Overall, it was another great season for Haskins.

Annabel Luxford, Jodie Stimpson and Becky Lavelle rounded out the top-5.

Toyota U.S. Open Triathlon
Dallas, TX / October 2, 2011
S 1.5k / B 40k / R 10k

1. Javier Gomez 1:47:55
2. Greg Bennett 1:48:40
3. Cameron Dye 1:49:51
4. Andy Potts 1:50:08
5. Filip Ospaly 1:51:17
6. Stuart Hayes 1:52:46
7. Chris Foster 1:52:58
8. Tim Don 1:54:18
9. Andy Starykowicz 1:54:59
10. David Thompson 1:56:47

1. Lisa Norden 1:59:03
2. Sarah Haskins 2:01:54
3. Annabel Luxford 2:02:45
4. Jodie Stimpson 2:03:27
5. Becky Lavelle 2:04:05
6. Sara McLarty 2:04:28
7. Jillian Peterson 2:04:51
8. Jenna Parker 2:04:55
9. Rebeccah Wassner 2:05:11
10. Alicia Kaye 2:05:55