Ferrante leads Collegiate Women

Stanford undergraduate Marissa Ferrante dominated the individual women’s race at the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals. Ferrante crossed the line 1st in 2:06:28 with a 5:20 advantage over the runner-up, Duke grad student Jenny Shaughnessy, and 5:50 over 3rd-place finisher, University of Alabama–Birmingham grad student Hallie Blunck.

Ferrante started her day with a 3rd-best 19:38 swim, just one second behind top swimmer Michelle Mehnert of Illinois and equal to 2nd- best swimmer Shaughnessy.

Ferrante rode a 5th-best bike split of 1:08:09 to an 11-seconds lead over Shaughnessy at T2. Ferrante also had a 1:41 lead over Christine Farson of UC Berkeley, 2:24 over Blunck, and 2:30 over UC Berkeley’s Erika Erickson starting the run.

Ferrante then closed the deal with a race-best 35:42 run which was 5:05 better than Shaughnessy’s 14th-best run split and 3:15 better than Blunck’s 3rd-best 38:57 run.

While Duke’s and UC Berkeley’s chances for women’s team medals look promising with two top 10 finishers apiece, the team results will not be announced until the awards banquet starts at 8 PM Central Daylight Time in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
April 21, 2012
S 1.5k / B 40k / R 10k


Individual Women

1. Marissa Ferrante (Stanford) 2:06:28
2. Jenny Shaughnessy (Duke) 2:11:48
3. Hallie Blunck (Alabama – Birmingham) 2:12:18
4. Christine Farson (UC Berkeley) 2:13:12
5. Samantha Morrison (Air Force Academy) 2:14:03
6. Erika Erickson (UC Berkeley) 2:14:13
7. Kathrine Warren (UC Santa Barbara) 2:15:02
8. Chelsea Koglmeier (Duke) 2:15:58
9. Jessica Hafey (US Naval Academy) 2:17:49
10. Elizabeth Baugher (Texas A&M) 2:18:01