Gomez dominant in Beijing

Beijing, China, September 16: The current BG Word Cup leader Ivan Gomez won the 2007 BG Triathlon World Cup Beijing and seems well suited for the Olympic games held on the same course in 2008. Courtney Atkinson (AUS) sprinted to second place while Bevan Docherty (NZL) snagged the final podium spot.

Almost 90 elite men launched themselves of the pontoon for the 1.5km swim and very soon Andy Potts (USA) surged into the lead. Potts would eventually be first out of the water followed fairly close by roughly 20 other athletes.

On the bike the first group of riders grew to about 30 and they were being chased by another group of a similar size about 30 seconds adrift. After about 10km the 2 groups merged and pretty much all the favorites were included in that bunch. Several attempts were made by Will Clarke (GBR) and a few other athletes to gain an advantage but all these attempts were in vain. After 40km on a fairly hilly course, 62 athletes arrived in T2 just a few seconds apart.

Javier Gomez immediately took charge and started the first of 4 laps at a torrid pace and instantly gaped everybody else. Simon Whitfield made a valiant effort to reel in Gomez, but Gomez appeared to be on a different level. Gomez eventually crossed the finish line uncontested in a time of 1:48:41 and with it at least somewhat revenged his loss to Unger 2 weeks earlier at the World Championships in Hamburg, Germany. Courtney Atkinson displayed great closing speed as he ran himself into silver medal position. Bevan Docherty held of fellow Kiwi Kris Gemmell for the bronze medal.

To the surprise of some, Jarrod Shoemaker was the top American finisher and with it stamped his passport for the 2008 Olympic games

2007 BG Triathlon World Cup Beijing


1. J. Gomez (ESP) 1:48:41
2. C. Atkinson (AUS) 1:49:03
3. B. Docherty (NZL) 1:49:08
4. K. Gemmell (NZL) 1:49:14
5. S. Whitfield (CAN) 1:49:17
6. I. Rana (ESP) 1:49:23
7. W. Clarke (GBR) 1:49:26
8. B. Kahlefeldt (AUS) 1:49:34
9. F. Belaubre (FRA) 1:49:36
10. J. Frodeno (GER) 1:49:44
11. J. Shoemaker (USA) 1:49:44 *
15. H. Kemper (USA) 1:49:57
18. A. Potts (USA) 1:50:19
20. B. McMahon (CAN) 1:50:21
27. K. Jones (CAN) 1:50:42
35. D. Friman (USA) 1:51:06
46. M. Reed (USA) 1:52:17
48. C. Jenkins (CAN) 1:52:31
51. B. Fleischmann (USA) 1:53:16
61. P. Tichelaar (CAN) 1:57:11

* earned US Olympic spot