Griffin and Carfrae capture 70.3 Geelong

At the 2008 Snap Ironman 70.3 Geelong event, Leon Griffin (AUS) and 70.3 World Champion Mirinda Carfrae (AUS) utilized their cycling prowess to capture the titles at this new Australian 70.3 race.

In the men's race Paul Matthews (AUS) was first out of the water and into T1 followed by a cluster of contenders. once on the bike Matthews held on to his lead with David Dellow (AUS) and Luke Bell about 40 seconds back, and Luke McKenzie and Chris Legh (AUS) a further minute behind. Legh though who had already had a flat tire in transition, would have another flat and fall from contention. Half way through the bike Leon Griffin took the lead with only Mitch Anderson staying somewhat in touch.
But Griffin would not be denied and he charged out of T2 with a one minute lead and maintained that lead pretty much to the finish line. Mitchell Anderson finished second and David Dellow rounded out the podium.

For the women it was Mirinda Carfrae, Rebekah Keat (AUS) and Kate Major (USA) who led the women out of the swim. Once on the bike Mirinda Carfrae showed why she's the reigning Ironman 70.3 World Champion. She grabbed an early lead over her nearest rival Kate Major, and never relented after that. Carfrae eventually won in 4:24:27 followed by Rebekah Keat in 4:27:14. Kate Major finished third in 4:29:21.

Snap Ironman 70.3 Geelong, Australia, February 9, 2008

Top 10 Pro men

1. Leon Griffin (AUS) 3:56:49
2. Mitchell Anderson (AUS) 3:58:13
3. David Dellow (AUS) 4:01:01
4. Joe Gambles (AUS) 4:02:11
5. Boyd Conrick (AUS) 4:02:45
6. Peter Loveridge (AUS) 4:06:26
7. Luke Bell (AUS) 4:06:58
8. John Cornish (AUS) 4:07:57
9. Tim Berkel (AUS) 4:08:21
10. Sam Hume (AUS) 4:10:17

Top 10 Pro women

1. Mirinda Carfrae (AUS) 4:24:27
2. Rebekah Keat (AUS) 4:27:14
3. Kate Major (USA) 4:29:21
4. Amelia Pearson (AUS) 4:35:10
5. Tara Norton (CAN) 4:38:59
6. Joanne Bennet (AUS) 4:39:35
7. Joanne King (AUS) 4:40:43
8. Kelly Jarrett (AUS) 4:40:53
9. Merja Kiviranta (FIN) 4:41:46
10. Charlotte Paul (AUS) 4:42:09