Iconic Nytro Up for Sale

One of the most venerated brands in multisport retail is on the block. Nytro Multisport’s owner, Skip McDowell, came from outside the sports industry, enjoyed his long moment in multisport, and is exiting.

Nytro Multisport has been in existence 26 years, the last 12 of which under Skip’s ownership. Nytro, originally founded by Craig Turner, and Quintana Roo – my brand back then – largely built each other, starting in the early 90s (Craig started in a garage, and my digs weren’t much swankier).

Craig eventually sold to Skip and went on to pursue his brand XLAB. Skip grabbed the tiller and took Nytro to higher heights. But all good things must come to an end, Skip’s tenure at Nytro among them.

This enterprise is a combo of brick & mortar and online. In talking to Skip, he’s not particular about whether the enterprise move to one new owner or two: mail order to one new owner, B&M to another.

Retail in general, bike retail in particular, has been buffeted in recent years. Industry vet Rick Vosper wrote Part 1 of Welcome to Bike 3.0 this week (Part 2 will be interesting). Nytro, along with the rest of the industry, had a rough 2016 and 2017 in sales and changing tastes.

Over the past year the industry landscape improved, in fits and starts, in pockets, in cycling and triathlon. Skip has found through experimentation ways to help inoculate him from the typical traps that befall bike retail.

Still, “After recently turning 72,” he said, “I feel it’s time to pass the torch to the next leader who will bring creative ideas, fresh energy, and new business strategies to the company.”

The enterprising new owner would – gag(!) – be forced to work a block from the beach in North San Diego County. Interested inquirers should contact Skip McDowell at Nytro. [Skip at Nytro].