Images from the 2017 Breca Swimrun Buttermere

Buttermere is a lake and a town in the British Lake District, and the area is absolutely spectacular. The 2017 Breca Swimrun Buttermere took place this past weekend and athletes tackled 38km of running and 6km of swimming with 18 transitions. 104 teams started and 90 teams finished this long course race, but there was also a "Sprint" offering for those not yet ready for a 44km adventure. We now have a fine selection of pictures from the long course that also serves as a ÖtillÖ merit race.

Breathtaking views from up high. Or maybe better said that your breath might be taken by the time you get up here.

Julia Andersen leads her partner Martin Andersen and several other teams early on in the race. The Andersens of team Huss and Whiff ended up in 3rd place in the mixed division in 7:09.

An opportunity to see where you are in the race compared to the leaders. Hopefully your expectations were realistic.

The male team of Knut Baadshaug and Alan Scott took charge early on and steadily pulled away. Their winning time of 5:26 was 23 minutes up on the runner-up team of André Hook and Wolfgang Grohé.

Climbing out of the water can be rather difficult, and all the extra gear such as paddles and pull buoys is often in the way on tricky exits.

Descending skills and confidence are certainly welcome here.

And we go up again. Orna O'Toole and Kirsten Poynter of team Yorkies all smiles on the way to 7th place in the female division.

When your trail running shoes are already soaked from the last swim, avoiding puddles is a very low priority.

And back in the water we go.

Paul Lunn and Duncan Shea Simonds of team Racetime Uberbikers looking smooth on the way to 7th place in the men's division.

Full concentration on this climb. The Tyne Triathlon team of Margarita Grigoriadi and Nicola Roper grabbed the final podium spot in the female division and 26th overall.

The angry sky overhead and the thus cooler temps were welcomed by the athletes.

A quick refreshment and on to second place in the female division for Jenny Rice and Claire Wilson of team Girls Wot Can.

The German team of André Hook and Wolfgang Grohé chased all day but in the end had to be content with 2nd place overall and the male division.

Stuart MacLeod with partner Bonnie van Wilgenburg had a monster of a day and this mixed team won the division and finished 4th overall.

Simply wow.

Another swim and by now the water was very choppy.

Paul Lunn and Duncan Shea Simonds are all smiles here.

The No Goubunku team of Chris Baynham-Hughes and "Onoda" Wilcock finished third.

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