Kat Matthews Hit by Driver in Texas

IRONMAN World Championship runner-up finisher and in-form all season Kat Matthews sustained significant injuries yesterday morning when she was hit by a driver while training in Texas.

The bike-versus-car incident occurred during the course of a training camp Matthews was participating in for preparation for next month's IRONMAN World Championship. Matthews, along with teammates including former IRONMAN World Champion Patrick Lange, were riding in Montgomery, northwest of The Woodlands, Texas when a car traveling in the opposite direction cut across the group and struck Matthews, according to police reports.

In an Instagram story, Mark Matthews, husband of Kat, stated she had sustained several "small fractures," including to her skull, vertebrae, and sternum, along with wounds requiring stitches.

The crash remains under investigation.

Matthews has had a dominating year in triathlon. With wins at Lanzarote and Swansea, a record-breaking performance at Sub8, and multiple podiums including at the IRONMAN World Championships in St. George, she was amongst the favorites for next month's return to Kona.